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... t taking anti depressents, l believe my anxiety is caused my my thyroid issues, l aslo believer my adrenal issues have to do with my thyroid which would make the hypoglysemia related to the thyroid. ... (24 replies)
... I am one celexa and weaning myself off because of some of the things I 'm reading about long term side effects...some are what you discribed, one of which is hypoglysemia and some adrenal problems...just curious...I am usually at the thyroid forum but some of my symptoms sent me researching here...take care... ... (24 replies)
... I also was told that I have hypoglysemia. There are many ways around it. Now your doc might not agree with me on this but here it goes. Eat sugars that are natural like fruits. I love to eat apples and try to go for one a day. Stay away from heavily sugared drinks and candy's. Nut's are good also. There is more but will take a little time to find that out for yourself. (24 replies)

... I have been experiencing the following symptoms: headaches, lightheaded and dizzy, nausea at times, stomach issues, cant gain muscle and feel real week at times, cant concentrate, muscle aches,agitated, no motivation, chills, oral temp is around 94-95.0 F. Life isnt fun and somtimes l think lm going crazy, depression, mental fog. My symptoms continue to get worse. I had half... (24 replies)
... Thanks Dragon! Appreciate your info. Do you have diabetes? I don't have it yet, but am a candidate for it. My father died from it about 64 years ago. Well, so they say....I do wonder if he had addisons too. Back that far, who knows! I get what I call a low sugar spell if I eat just cereal in the morning & sometimes just before dinner. Perhaps from not eating enough... (24 replies)
... Dear Wanda, The things I eat the most are fish, chicken, lean red meats, and many complex carbs, such as wheat bread, granola, pasta, etc... Suprisingly, ice cream and pizza are two foods that do not cause my blood sugar to bottom out, so I am able to eat these few "splurge" foods with little consequence. I also drink about 45 grams of protein shakes a day. You are... (24 replies)
... the dragon, Please share what types of protein you eat to get lots in everyday. I need the protein to keep going also, but need to avoid too much cholesterol. I use egg beater most mornings. High protein cereal doesn't work too well & the high protein powders are a bit nasty to my taste. Might be OK with a scoop of ice cream & blended. Want to mention, I have low... (24 replies)
... Dear Van, I understand exactly what you are experiencing. I have been going through the EXACT same thing also. I recently was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, and I also had a partial thyroidectomy due to a cyst on the right lobe of my thyroid. It was benign, but was wreaking havoc with me. The doctors have had me try several differect SSRI's, and benzodiazepenes for my... (24 replies)
... I am 27 years old, ya l know l have gone to docotrs and even have a prescription for some crap you put on your skin that cost like $90.00 with insurance. I had a reaction to it like all the other drugs l have tried, my question is why is my testosterone low, something is casuing it and l need to find the problem. VAN (24 replies)
... How old are you brother? Are you doing anything about your testosterone? That is low unless you are like 60 years old..... If you are younger you should get your DHEA levels check as well as you LH, FSH, and SBGH to see what all that looks like. I am going through something similar, i have not had my thyroid removed or anything but if you go to this post you will see my... (24 replies)
... I have been sick for about 2 years! (24 replies)
... Yes, I do have a tumor that was found on an MRI. An allergist is the one who ordered it. All of the endos that I saw never would. After it was found I really thought someone would pay attention now, I had physical evidence...Boy was I wrong....So, I eventually got fed up and went to Dr F. How long have you not been well? (24 replies)
... Did you have an MRI that was normal? Where did they find the tumor, and how do they know its there if the MRI was normal? VAN (24 replies)
... Hi Van, The drs told me I was normal too. They also told me there was no way I had a pituitary tumor, but I do....An allergist found it :yawn: I live in Vegas and went to see Dr Freidman in LA, although he hasn't figured me out yet, I really feel confident that he will! Can you go to LA? It seems like you shouldn't waste any more time or $$ on people who will get you... (24 replies)
... I would like nothing more than to find someone who knows whats going on, l to have spent thousands of dollars on labs, tests, scans and doctors. I just wish l could find someone who knew what to do. I live in Utah by the way. And whats wrong with my labs, because all the doctors say they are normal? VAN (24 replies)
... Van, Where do you live? If I could do it all over again I would have skipped all of the endos around here and gone straight to a dr who that knows what they are doing. I wasted so much money and time on idiots. At this point I am not better, but I am seeing a dr who I feel confident will figure this out. I am sorry, but I don't think you can have tests results like yours... (24 replies)
... Tracy: The following are my other lab results, l have had alot of them done twice so l will post both results: LH: 3.9in Feb & 5.9 in May IGF-1: 192 ine March & 210 in June Aldosterone: 4 I also had my prolactin taken another time and it came back in the normal range: 10.6 My ACTH was high because it was taken during a metrapone test. My ACTH level was 64 before... (24 replies)
... Dear Van, I just looked back at another of your posts in which your ACTH was VERY elevated, and your cortisol doesn't go up to double what it was when it started. I wonder whether you might have problems with both the pituitary AND the adrenal glands, OR the system above all of them -- the Hypothalamus? Some of the labs make you look to have pituitary problems, others... (24 replies)
... Dear Van, I'm surprised to see what appear to be such good thyroid numbers. I imagine you must be on thyroid medication? The rest of your numbers appear to ME, and I am certainly not qualified to make judgements, that there might be some pituitary problems. Your Renin is low. Did you have aldosterone measured, as well? If this is very low, it can cause the dizziness... (24 replies)
... What were your symptoms before the hormone replacement, what drug are your taking? VAN (24 replies)

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