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... I have Addisons over 26 years ,5 years ago I added Hypothyroidism to the list I take Cortisone Acetate 25mg for the Addisons and Synthroid 75 mcg for the Hypothyroidism and also going thru menopause. ... (0 replies)
... Hello there, I've also been recently diagnosed with mild hypothyroidism. My doctor started me on the lowest dosage of levothyroxine (25mcg) but it just wasn't enough so he doubled that to 50mcg and will check my levels in a couple of months. I started to take a Food Rich Women's Multi that has a lot of important nutrients for those who have Hypothyroidism. It has... (3 replies)
... Hello, I have been diagnosed with Addison's disease when I was 15 (I am now 22) and a few years later I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I would say that the replacement therapy is working fairly well for me, even though my mental state is not what it used to be. I generally feel "foggy" and I used to be quite depressed, although I am much better now. I have low energy... (3 replies)

... I have been getting progressively sick for many years. I recently went to a new doctor, an endicrinologist. I have been seeing a cardiologist for "vasovagal syncope" after going into V-fib after a stress test. My new doctor says I don't fit the profile for Addison's, but he is going to test me anyway. I did the STIM test this morning. Here is a list of symptoms I have... (5 replies)
... egards to borderline hypothyroidism I would suggest you get checked out very regularly as you have a lot of the classic symptoms of this I have both addisons and hypothyroidism so know the symptoms. ... (1 replies)
... I'm on this journey as well. Failed my cortisol test, going in for ACTH Stim on Friday. I knew I had adrenal fatigue (which I've been working diligently to heal via diet, lifestyle, and supplements for 6+ months and still failed the cortisol test), but didn't really know how bad. I am overweight as well. Gained 30lbs after a pretty stressful event (not DURING, but... (2 replies)
... I don’t know a thing about cortisol levels but I have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My TSH was about the same level as yours and now I’m on meds. Your TSH level is high. I was not diagnosed for yrs until I did some research to find out many labs have not fixed their TSH lab ranges. You should try and get on the healthboards thyroid discussion for more... (1 replies)
... Hi melody. Hypothyroidism can cause a lot of symptoms. Below is a list, you can have any combination of symptoms. ... (10 replies)
... Hello All, my family has many problems. My grandfather has type 2 diabetes,hypothyroidism, aplastic anemia, cancer, gout all thoughout his body. My mother has Pernicious anemia, cysts on her kidneys & ovarian cysts,hypothyroidism, hyperpigmented spots my coz has: Vitiligo I have Adrenal insufficiency, Pernicious anemia, hypothyroidism, hypopigmented spots, and... (8 replies)
... ot consistent. I agree with you that it sure sounds like you have some sort of pituitary issue. Lacatation can be caused by more than just elevated prolactin. Hypothyroidism is likely the second most common cause of it. But you clearly have issues that go far beyond hypothyroidism. ... (12 replies)
... By 2003 I had all of the symptoms of Hypothyroidism and I was starting to gain weight. ... (0 replies)
... initive test for Addison's. Otherwise, you may have some other adrenal disorder in combination with hypothyroidism. there's also a test to determine whether your hypothyroidism is due to your immune system attacking your thyroid. It doesn't change the treatment so it may be worth having that test. ... (2 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism back in 2009 but I didn't take Synthroid consistently. I am now on 150 mcg of Synthroid and my last TSH level was 2.75 which is normal. ... (0 replies)
... in thyroid disease come on. Seriously. With the low BP and ESPECIALLY the LOW BODY TEMP. it points to hypothyroidism. My basal temp was always low. If you leave hypothyroidism left untreated it can lead to worse problems. I would feel like I had a fever when I was in the 98 degree range. ... (17 replies)
... determine your cortisol levels in the am. Many of your symptoms also relate to your thyroid so I would trust the results of the tests. I have had addisons and hypothyroidism for many years and understand your fears. ... (4 replies)
... I realize this is an old post but I wanted to jump in and say I am 23, I have Addisons, hypoparathyroidism, hypothyroidism, and am at a high risk for diabtes and have my a1c checked monthly! I am currently 5 months pregnant and in nursing school and am able to handle the stress of everything. I do my best to not let all of my disease hinder me from doing what I want,... (45 replies)
... Hello out there. I'm very new to Addison's - i went to the ER about 2 months ago knowing I was serverly dehydrated after vomitting for 36 hours straight. Sodium levels were low, they admitted me and i stayed there for 5 days. I was diagnosed with Addisons and hypothyroidism. I have all the classic symptoms - dark skin, depression, etc. I am being supervised by an endo but... (3 replies)
... Hi Everyone -- I'm reposting this here, as it was suggested this forum may be able to provide more help. I'm feeling very vulnerable and hoping someone can offer input. I'm feeling just terrible, like my life has been put on hold, barely able to function. I'm very concerned being as I am currently single and living on my own, plus I am self-employed, so have no avenues... (12 replies)
... Hi everyone, I suspect that I have Addison's disease, but I need find a good endocrinologist near Southwest Virginia. My symptoms are: Low blood pressure after waking or getting up from a sitting/lying position Hypothyroidism Extreme Muscle Fatigue (I can't walk down steps without my legs shaking) Really bad salt cravings. I'll eat anything with tons of salt on it.... (0 replies)
Aug 24, 2007
... Lyme disease causes Hypothyroidism and adrenal problems. and a lot of other symptoms that can mimic other diseases. I have Lyme disease, and it caused Hypothyroidism and addison's disease, and I know quite alot of other people this has happened to also. You can go on the Lyme board and look at the symptoms and ask ? ... (2 replies)

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