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Low cortisol
Jan 15, 2007
... I don't want to sound like a downer.. but I'm currently on 15mg of cortef and I've yet to feel good enough to exercise, although my problem that causes my adrenal insufficiency may be something more like heavy metal poisoning(we are soon going to test), but I don't know. All I know is I have low testosterone, low cortisol(among a couple other things), and I'm on 15mg of... (12 replies)
... I read somewhere that: Any truth to this? My DHEA-S is up, but it's only about at 135% of range, and since my ACTH is about at 144% of range it might just be an appropriate response to the high ACTH. If the statements is true, I could see things happening like this... - Adrenals have a problem producing Cortisol (still need to figure this one out) - Hypothalamus/Pit... (31 replies)
... carb, low insulin diet. He's only taking the 24 hr. insulin, that is pretty steady. No big roller coasters for him right now. ... (3 replies)

... sked m endocrinologist and he said the same thing as French doctors! So I found a mail order self stress test and sent my saliva in. I was expecting my DHE to be low and needing DHEA supplements. ... (1 replies)
... By definition, if your cortsol is the lowest she has ever seen, you are adrenal insufficient. What did your doctor do about this low cortisol, just ignore it? ... (9 replies)
... Cortisol in part controls your immune system, blood pressure, inflammation, stomach and bowel function and many other body functions. A lack of cortisol results in low blood pressure, immune failure and an inability to process food properly. ... (4 replies)
... Yes, I had elevated liver AST and ALT and those persisted for some time after I got treatment. I've forgotten what got them down, but it was some specific thing I did (like taking zinc or selenium). I did not have enemia. It is important to remember that you are in charge of your health. Your doctor is simply a high paid consultant. It doesn't matter if he doesn't like... (4 replies)
... and you clearly are in need of some cortisol replacement. In fact, looking at your levels, I don't know how get out of bed in the morning and get through a day. Low cortisol causes all of the symptoms you mentioned.. especially fatigue, inflammation throughout the body, digestive difficulty, depression, no libido,etc. ... (10 replies)
... Did you have a Cortisol Saliva test done to confirm that you had low cortisol? ... (19 replies)
... pigmentation, you could still have secondary adrenal insufficiency as this presents with low ACTH. The high ACTH in Addison's causes the pigmentation, so if you had a low ACTH then this would not cause a tan. ... (4 replies)
Oct 12, 2007
... Because low cortisol levels should translate into low sugar levels since cortisol normally causes the liver to release sugar into the blood stream. High blood sugar and low cortisol is unusual unless you have full blown diabetes. ... (5 replies)
... Your morning cortisol is very low, upper 20's is what I look for in healthy women. 15 is the most common number reported. ... (5 replies)
... ut most doctors are not trained to seek out answers that way, but to treat symptoms with drugs. Take your son to an osteopath as they are very good at find out causes and treating the the causes instead of symptoms. Osteopaths are real doctors. ... (2 replies)
... Addisons patients crave salt, becasue there is a tendency to be an imbalance between Sodium and Potassium Potassium is uaulaly high and Sodium is low. This causes a salt craving, and considering that sodium is low, the salt is not bad for you. ... (3 replies)
... that causes your cortisol to fluctuate between marginally low to high. This I believe is called cyclical Cushings. ... (4 replies)
... read that it's often due to a rush of adrenaline, or your body's "alarm bells" going off when there's some sort of danger. The danger here I would imagine to be low cortisol, or low blood sugar. I've read that when adrenaline is high, cortisol is low. ... (3 replies)
... The cortisol is "normal" but it sure is close to the top. The calcium is "normal" but, again, it sure is close to the top!!! ... (14 replies)
... es the kill off is so severe that you can get yeast overgrowth because bacteria eats yeast. The yeast generates byproducts that some people are sensitive to and causes stomach and intestine problems as well as a white tongue. ... (8 replies)
... drenal insufficiency or Addison's is due to an excess of MSH. MSH is a pituitary hormone that simulates melanocytes in your skin to make melanin, a hormone that causes tanning. MSH is a component of ACTH, so the excess ACTH also has some direct tanning effect. ... (2 replies)
... You do have some of the classic signs and symptoms of Addison's, plus a few others. The fatigue, low sodium, low BP, dizziness, nausea, GI problems, thirst and salt cravings are all consistent with it. ... (5 replies)

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