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... Hello Mrssippy, According to this article, , its possible to pass the High Dose Stim Test and still have a HPA disfunction. You might want to bring this article to his Attention. 1) the baseline morning serum cortisol concentration has very limited predictive power in differentiating between normal and impaired HPA... (1 replies)
... Ok. I had my ACTH stim test done on the 9th and here are the results. ... (1 replies)
... or an ACTH stimulation test if Addison's is suspected. ... (7 replies)

... EVERYTHING I have ever read or heard about Addison's Disease and the ACTH stim test say that your cortisol should have DOUBLED in 60 minute's time! Your ACTH is getting UP THERE, which would happen if your body was trying to tell your adrenals to make more cortisol. ... (9 replies)
... g of prednisone over 7 days. That goes way beyond an insane amount. I've seen people who are really messed up from that amount. To much steroid will shut down cortisol receptors in cells and suppress ACTH to where it won't ever want to come back up when steroid is removed. ... (22 replies)
... The classic hypo scenario is elevated TSH and either low or below range Ft4, Ft3. ... (12 replies)
... minutes or so and your adrenals put out cortisol in reaction to that pulsing. In the mean time the cortisol in your blood has a half life of a few hours and 12 hours in body tissues, so it doesn't just disappear. ... (1 replies)
... You can't take steroids for as long as you have, stop cold turkey and the next day and get an acth test that would represent what it was before you were on steroids. ... (4 replies)
... Does it seem feasible that it could be Cushing's yet due to the pituitary problem, my cortisol levels don't indicate it? ... (1 replies)
... I would ask for a morning cortisol blood test or a 24 hr. ... (3 replies)
A diagnosis
Aug 6, 2004
... Since the base cortisol didn't even double, then you would assume this is a primary case, correct? ... (1 replies)
... and it was cortisol 23, went to 40 after an hour. It was only 23 to begin with because the lady couldn't get the IV in my arm and had to stick me about 6 times. ... (5 replies)
... Your son is the first secondary AI I've heard of with a stim that base cortisol could not be detected. Was this test done after he was weaned of the steroid? ... (12 replies)
... than that I am pale. I have went to 2 endo's one blamed it on my anemia, the other thought it was adrenal insuffiency based on my symptoms and he had my previous cortisol number of 8.1 and said it needs to be at least a 10. ... (0 replies)
... and it looks like for people with healthy adrenals their cortisol goes up even until the 90 min draw. ... (5 replies)
... Before I was pregnant, my AM cortisol was 8. ... (29 replies)
... That her problems happened after the blood loss, Sheehan's would be a high probability. If she had high cortisol in PCOS before the blood loss, a damaged pituitary can supercede that. ... (5 replies)
... FM along with a host of other psuedo illnesses. In 2003 a microbiologist ran some endocrine tests on me in search for answers. My cortisol was less than 1, my ACTH was 7, my testosterone, progesterone, DHEA and aldertsterone were all low. ... (5 replies)
What is going on?
May 20, 2004
... I have been feeling fatigue for 6 months. A few weeks ago I had a cortisol test. ... (0 replies)
... You CAN NOT diagnose Addison's disease with an ACTH test. My ACTH was always normal as was my blood cortisol levels. However an insulin induced hypoglycemia test proved that I have no adrenal researve so that at times of stress the symptoms were much worse. ... (12 replies)

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