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... family history of autoimmune disease including my daughter who has type I diabetes. At my request, my endo tested me for adrenal disease. My ACTH was 144 and my Cortisol was 18. As she continued to lower my thyroid dose, my ACTH continued to rise and was at about 360. ... (0 replies)
... Addison's is only diagnosed when cortisol is so low that it will no longer respond to other treatments. ... (5 replies)
... My cortisol blood test came back low. I'm in Canada so our numbers are a little different with normal being between 170 and 594, my morning cortisol came in at 142, I understand that's when your cortisol is suppose to be at the highest. ... (0 replies)

... flattened Cortisol daily rhythm, and elevated ACTH vs. ... (45 replies)
... As for the cortisol blood test, it has to be done at certain times of day to be diagnostic. ... (2 replies)
... ve been rather low in potassium, so my doctor gave me supplements to take in. ... (4 replies)
... hour cortisol saliva test back in May. ... (4 replies)
... was used for adrenal fatigue. Licorice contains substances that slow the breakdown of the cortisol the body naturally produces. But here again, feedback loops result in decreased endogenous production of cortisol after a while. ... (8 replies)
... anks again, Im looking for a new doctor right now, Im in Arizona, but I cant seem to find one that specializes in Addisons. I was told by the doctors nurse, that cortisol levels cant fluctuate. I am so concerned now about my daughter, something is not right. ... (12 replies)
... Next, I asked for a 24 hour urine cortisol to be done. ... (1 replies)
... Chris - I am on 5mg in the morning and 2.5 in the evening. I used to be on 4 in the morning and 3 in the evening. I think that upping the morning dose has made it easier to get through the day. I am not sure about the evening doses though, other than I can't sleep. Is it possible for you to list out what the normal ranges are on a the common tests to test for... (1 replies)
Dec 1, 2004
... much of the time you have "adrenal sufficiency". It's only when you get stressed, like getting the flu, or a bad day at work that your body can't produce enough cortisol to satisfy the need and so leads to a spiraling down into fatigue, depression and the arrival of weird symptoms. Otherwise, you are pretty much normal. ... (6 replies)
... had me go do a cortisol test at 8am and and 4pm today.. I won't have the result until tomorrow. ... (0 replies)
Apr 8, 2008
... bedrest and didnt move for 3 days, dank loads and craved salt and sugar then became slightly more normal. Do you think a stim test is more advisable to diagnose cortisol rather than a single random? ... (1 replies)
... I am also vitamin D deficient, low ferratin, and have thyroid problems. ... (4 replies)
... Any insight to these lab values would be helpful. He seems to have many of the symptoms and his UFC appears to be on the low end. He did have and ITT for the GHD done a couple years ago which I need to dig up and see what the cortisol did then. ... (8 replies)
... pm I crash again and may or may not perk back up again after 6. I almost certainly will be wide awake at 10 pm until 1 am unless I am very sleep deprived. ... (3 replies)
... and has no immediate source of carbs this causes the adrenals to put out cortisol which stimulates the liver to convert stored glycogen into glucose and release it into the blood stream to keep he level normal. ... (7 replies)
May 15, 2010
... which a long list of different doctors have failed to provide any explanation of. However, I recently asked for a number of blood tests, one of which was morning cortisol levels. The other day, I found a message on my answer phone from my GP asking me to book an appointment to have the cortisol blood test repeated. ... (0 replies)
... My son was exactly the same he would pee on himself on the way to the bathroom in the morning crying that his tummy hurt if your cortisol levels are low you need to get on the correct medications because this disease is life threatening so don't wait. ... (3 replies)

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