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... adrenal thing and I am really confused! Here are some of my test results... ... (1 replies)
Why oh why???
Mar 27, 2010
... well i know about cushings, but I thought is was elevated cortisol all the time? ... (8 replies)
... If your nasal inhaler contains a steroid, yes, it would affect a cortisol test, and not provide an accurate reading of what your true state is. ... (12 replies)

... I am in the process of getting diagnosed for my issues. So far I have a low cortisol am 7. ... (29 replies)
... c I have normally low blood pressure and pulse. ... (0 replies)
... I recently had an ACTH stim test because my endo suspected that I might have adrenal insufficiency. ... (1 replies)
... I feel debilitated and just received my 24 hour saliva test results. ... (0 replies)
... I'm a 33 year old male with hashimoto's thyroiditis. I've had several blood tests for ACTH, Cortisol and a number of other things. ... (0 replies)
... If you go the cortisol saliva route, it might be an idea to get the correct thyroid tests too. Often thyroid and adrenal problems go hand in hand. ... (12 replies)
... Firstly, if you have Crohn's then you are most likely DHEA deficient. You should have a blood test for DHEAS and when it comes back low, start taking some DHEA you can get at any drug store. ... (2 replies)
... g's before saying you have PCOS. I suppressed on every test. Do not get ruled out on the dex test. Find a specialist. One that believes in cyclical form and will test cortisol binding globulin. ... (3 replies)
... I'm going to an endo tomorrow going to ask for ACTH test among other things to see if my pituitary is working ok. ... (0 replies)
... You can't diagnose Addison's disease or adrenal insufficiency by simple blood tests because cortisol levels normallyfluctuate too much. I had both blood tests and the 24 hour urine test several times and each time my cortisol levels were "normal". ... (2 replies)
New, please help
Nov 19, 2003
... dl, mine was only 18.2. Finally my cortisol did not raise at all after 60 minutes. ... (3 replies)
... I agree, cortisol shouldnt be that high with a ACTH value of 10. Cushings is a possiblity. A late night cortisol test might be inorder to rule out cushings. ... (9 replies)
... I'm a 36yo male and need help understanding the following: Elevated ACTH (400% over top) 2 hours after waking. Blood test repeated several times (not lab error). Declines to high-norm later in the day. So I guess it's not a ACTH producing tumor because it has this rythm? Declining ACTH/Cortisol ratio over several months (needing more ACTH to create cortisol). ... (2 replies)
... ing because I am on steroid. I explained I had an adrenal crisis after my gallbladder surgery and have gone downhill with my health since January especially with low blood pressures. ... (8 replies)
... d a severe tachycardia episode which put her in the hospital for observation. Since then she has gone through several tests to try and find the cause. The latest test that she has gone through was testing her cortisol. During a random draw her level was 1.7 in the afternoon. Then she had a 8am drawing in which her level was 5. ... (1 replies)
... decided to do another MRI of my brain, Everything was fine, then we did spine and back. Everything kept coming back normal. I was referred to a neurologist to test my nerve endings all came back fine. I was also tested for lymes disease came back negative. All thyroid levels are fine too. ... (0 replies)
... which is useless to diagnose anything because cortisol levels fluctuate widely thoughout the day. ... (6 replies)

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