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... I might suggest you post your message as a NEW message, too, instead of as a reply to someone else's message. It may get better attention and response with its own title given it! ... (9 replies)
Quick Comment
Feb 15, 2011
... I've enjoyed reading these message boards. ... (0 replies)
... Thank you to everyone for your kind remarks and wonderful support. This was the first time I'd ever posted a message on one of these forums. ... (6 replies)

... hi Angie, thankyou for sending me your kind message, it's nice to be able to talk to someone that understands, how each day is such a struggle, just getting out of bed is so hard, i am dreading the school holidays, as i wont be able to get my afternoon nap, Don't know how i am going to cope with this, How do you manage? Do youhave lots of help from family? My mum and dad... (23 replies)
... That was 4 years ago and since then I have read many books, thousands of articles, many message boards and groups, websites, etc. The two endos I have seen have been an absolute incompetent joke. ... (38 replies)
... Thanks for your great, inspiring message KMatthew - I'm so, so glad you're feeling much better! Hope you don't mind some questions....did you put on the weight after TT or have you carried it for a while? It seems to me that you're on a very low dose of thyroid med for someone without a thyroid but, I know, boy do I know, everybody's different! I was thinking that more... (6 replies)
Another Addisonian
Feb 14, 2006
... sting rules which explain that offering or asking off board contact is not permitted. The boards are to be used for on board sharing, only. The email and private message features are turned off so that use of the message boards remain anonymous. The only contact you may make with members is to post on the board. ... (6 replies)
... I'm sorry. I got into a place where I couldn't view your original message, so called you "Bond" as in another message above mine. I should have remembered your name was Kyle, as that is the name of one of my son's best friends! ... (13 replies)
... Hope you get this message. I notice your message was sent quite a while ago with no reply. Hope you didn't give up! ... (4 replies)
... I guess I'm just a different case from all of you. I have had Addisons, ALD, X-ALD and AMN for about 15 years now. My mother was a carrier of the mutated gene that was passed on to me. I am currently on Cortef. If anyone else has it from carrier status write me back. My e-mail is: I have some questions for carriers. Thanks and take care. (3 replies)
... LIsa, I too have POTS and many many other conditions. I am only 27. If you would like to email and talk to someone my email is please carefully review the posting rules - no emails ] . I know how bad life is w/this condition. My heart rate went up to 190 just standing up. It is awful. Anyway, I hope to hear from you when you feel like writing. Take care, Suz (85 replies)
... Hello all, I wandered onto this site by accident while doing some internet research, but thought I should stop and throw my two cents in. Lisa, I also have POTS and have been dealing with it for four years now. Unlike you I was not diagnosed until a full year after I was bed ridden. I was misdiagnosed with Addison's and depression before figuring out for myself what was... (85 replies)
... Hi Tina, I just finished reading your letter and I could really feel your pain and frustration. I was diagnosed with Addison's Disease when I was 19 yrs. old. I'm now 38. It is possible to live a normal healthy long term life with Addison's. As I was reading about the symptoms you described having, I've had similar symptoms as well. I've listed them below so... (26 replies)
... A friend on another message board had a good idea. ... (14 replies)
Jul 21, 2004
... Just attempting to "bump" this message up, and rename it, so it will get attention. Otherwise, it just looks like it was simple reply to my message, when it is a cry for "Help". ... (4 replies)
Newbie on board
Jul 16, 2004
... Sorry if I am disrupting the order of things here.... I am new to this board today and I am just experimenting and trying to figure out how to post a message on here for the first time...... I'm hoping I am doing this right...... ... (2 replies)
Anxiety, anyone?
Aug 3, 2003
... Nate- It's taken about a year to get to this point (stress/anxiety is rare now; daily before) since I started pregnenolone/licorice/glandular etc last summer; I still have spaciness/brain fog every day, just to a greater or lesser degree but it's always there; I also recently learned that some discs in my neck are pressing on my spinal cord (cervical disc degeneration), and... (7 replies)
Adrenal Mass
May 29, 2003
... Yes, put Conn's Syndrome into a search engine and I believe you'll find out it can be caused by tumors. I don't know about Addison's. You have high blood pressure? Have you asked about potential for a stroke, any in your family? Not that I know anything about it. Just here to learn. Will you keep us posted? (2 replies)
... Like the other poster said, I'd want to double check by later seeing another endocrinologist, without saying anything to either of them. Recently, I found out by accident that a g.p. who didn't really treat my toenail fungus put down on my record that he'd prescribed something. The girl told me what but I didn't write it down. He did not. He wanted me to go to a... (3 replies)
Aug 11, 2002
... My DR.s suggested that I salt my food alittle more,as Addison's patients loss potassium and electrolytes so easily. The loss of potassium will cause leg cramping. So,eating Bananas is nessecery. Also try to drink your 8 glasses of water it's important to stay hydrated especially in the hot weather!! ------------------ Addison's and Diabetis Suffer! (3 replies)

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