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... he agreed that I was on way too much HC. He says I need to be on 20mg at the most. He also said I was a challenging case and ordered a lot of tests. Something my old endo didn't do. He just assumed what was causing this and put me on all kinds of meds, which my new Dr. says is probably driving me crazy. ... (12 replies)
... I started a few days ago with my breasts lactating, and now I think my left ovary is giving me trouble. My doctor drew blood to check my prolactin, but I haven't gotten back the results yet. Has this happened to any of you? ... (12 replies)
... I am also seeing a doctor in Lafayette, which is closer to my home, but I wanted to see an Endocrinologist that specialized in the adrenal glands. He was the only one I could find. They don't know that I am seeing both. ... (12 replies)

... I have to do something it looks like the swelling may be moving to my ankles. My synthroid was reduced a week ago when I started HC. As a result I do not know which is responsible for the swelling. Guess I need to call my IM again. ... (12 replies)
... This guy sounds like a keeper. You should post him on my thyroid thread where I am trying to get people to post the names and locals of competant Endos. They seem to be a rare breed. Keep us posted. ... (12 replies)
... I am on 20 mg of HC.. only issue is one patch of fluid retention that arise on the top of each foot in the area above the ball of my foot. Maybe a 3 inch by 2 inch region. My Cardio suspects I am being driven hypoT again and it is water retention do to that.. ... (12 replies)
... Most of my friends take 15mg at 7 or 8am and 5mg at 2 or 3pm. ... (12 replies)
... I was at my ideal weight, but not anymore. They had me on 40 mg of HC. What is the right amount to take and what time of day is best to take it? ... (12 replies)
... Thank you for telling me his name. I've been seeing a dr. in Lafayette, but always on the lookout for a good doctor by word of mouth. I am in western louisiana, so LaPlace is quite a ways from me, but for a good doctor, it could potentially be worth it. How did you find out about him? Is he an endo? I do believe a low ACTH with a low cortisol is secondary addison's, or... (12 replies)
... His name is Dr. Pedroza in LaPlace. Have you heard of him? He was the only doctor I could find that specialized in the adrenal glands. He took me off of a lot of meds, one of which he said was causing me to lactate. He ordered a few tests, one of which said I had low ATCH. I haven't gotten in the others. If I have low ATCH, does that mean I may not have primary adrenal... (12 replies)
... NoPearce--I'm from Louisiana, and am always trying to find a knowledgable doctor. Would you mind sharing who he is? You can list name and city only, no phone numbers. Thanks! (12 replies)
... *Slapping Head* Sorry! I did not read that right. A low salt diet is a no no.. I take salt tablets and eat all the salt I can - problems with the adrenals mean you cannot manage or hold salt which means that you need more salt not less. Glad you found a good endo who is investigating all the other causes... (12 replies)
... Were you severely underweight? How much HC are you on? Pehaps you need to taper back a bit - it may be a bit too much for you. A normal dose is around 20mg per day in divided doses. But to change you must taper back - extreme changes can make you sick. (12 replies)

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