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Dial's Progress
Jun 28, 2007
... tosterone of 199 is ok if the free Testosterone is not low. But then he syays is very hard to accuratley measure free testosterone. I asked about the fact I have low cortisol on two diff blood draws, 2.3,2.9. he stated because I passed my last Cortisol stim test im fine and my glands are ok. ... (4 replies)
... I have been told that everything is normal. I dont believe my doctor because he seemed really unsure about the 8.30am plasma cortisol of 6 and kept leaving the room to ask a more senior doctor questions. ... (1 replies)
... Well you can add a DHEA supplement first thing in the morning. Issue there is do not exceed 20 mg and if you suddenly get really bad acne.. ... (31 replies)

... I had a CT of the brain, but not familair with a lot of the things you brought up such as prolactin. My sugars hit the 190's and 200's but yet my A1C come back normal along with insulin level and pancreas funtion. I figured having low cortisol, DHEA sulfate, and Testosterone was dangerous at the age of 24 as well. ... (8 replies)
How do I help her?
Mar 22, 2009
... including injectable spheres that slowly dissolve and provide a month's worth of cortisol at a time. ... (9 replies)
... You need to see a pituitary specialist and get checked for cylical Cushing's syndrome. I had many low and normal tests before I was diagnosed. ... (5 replies)
Dhea level high
Jan 21, 2006
... oms..I cant tolerate my thyroid meds, tired all the time, weight, gain, muscle weakness, very irritable, mood swings, irregular menstrual cycle, vision problems, low blood sugar, anxiety and derpression..I think that covers it.. ... (11 replies)
... Have you had your DHEA and cortisol levels checked? ... (3 replies)
... Your cortisol saliva being below range for half the day, looks to me like your adrenals are very fatigued. Ask your doc for an ACTH stimulation test. ... (5 replies)
... Could someone please tell me what it might mean to have lowish cortisol in a 24 hour urine test, lowish ACTH and elevated DHEAS? ... (0 replies)
... low testosterone, high prolactin, low cortisol, low DHEA and low thyroid hormone. ... (8 replies)
... I have Testosterone ready to take but I am afraid if I do have a cortisol problem then it will make it worse. Because testosterone supresses cortisol. ... (5 replies)
Dhea level high
Jan 22, 2006
... I think my worst symptoms im struggling with right now would have to be this low blood sugar and panic attacks.. ... (11 replies)
... Hi there...I know how frustrating it is to not get answers. I have been suffering too. With high DHEA, very low potassium, high renin and aldosterone. ... (6 replies)
... My endo has done two tests for blood cortisol and urine 24 hr cortisol. One test the blood was high and urine normal. The next test the blood was normal and urine high. Explain that one! ... (6 replies)
... Addisons. I plan on getting the DHEA S test soon. I have an appointment with my doctor this Thursday as a last effort to get him to do some more tests. ... (7 replies)
Dhea level high
Jan 20, 2006
... I have similar results, except my DHEA was about doulbe yours, my cotisol is always high in the morning but a saliva test showed that it drops way low in the day and then comes back to normal ranges in the night. ... (11 replies)
... and it was cortisol 23, went to 40 after an hour. It was only 23 to begin with because the lady couldn't get the IV in my arm and had to stick me about 6 times. ... (5 replies)
... t know a thing about cortisol levels but I have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. ... (1 replies)
... FM along with a host of other psuedo illnesses. In 2003 a microbiologist ran some endocrine tests on me in search for answers. My cortisol was less than 1, my ACTH was 7, my testosterone, progesterone, DHEA and aldertsterone were all low. ... (5 replies)

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