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... A blood draw followed by automated determination of sodium and potassium levels as well as other standard blood markers. ... (10 replies)
... is a medical test performed to assess the functioning of the adrenal glands. Specifically, it is used to diagnose or exclude adrenal insufficiency, Addison's disease and related conditions. ... (7 replies)
... Here are the tests you need. The ACTH stim test must be done correctly. You need to get off the Cortef. It is "VERY VERY careless" of your doctor to prescribe this to you with out being diagnosed. The ACTH test is the best way to check for addisons. ... (4 replies)

... Here are the tests you need. The ACTH must be done correctly. ... (3 replies)
... eat salty foods to see if it makes you feel even a bit better. Drink allot of water. ... (1 replies)
Addison question
Jun 6, 2006
... dr's there were great! Anyway, They did several tests, including 2 ACTH stim tests. ... (8 replies)
... To determine if the patient's adrenal glands can respond to the ACTH message from the pituitary to increase cortisol production in the adrenal cortex. ... (3 replies)
... When you go below 90 your vital organs are not getting properly perfused, the brain, the heart, and the kidneys. It's no wonder you are exhausted after a week of work! ... (6 replies)
ACTH stim test!!
Jan 15, 2007
... PLEASE""" do not let them do this test wrong for you. The ACTH stimulation test takes about an hour. ... (19 replies)
... Since Pregnenolone is the "mother hormone" for all the other steroids, and since my Total Cholesterol or LDL's aren't too high, I assume normal generation of Pregnenolone. ... (31 replies)
Question on DHEA-s
May 13, 2008
... ity to function almost at all. Missed sooo much work because all I want to do is sleep. I had to modify my work hours when I am feeling like this which is most of the time. I will get better for a few weeks around my cycle then a couple weeks after my cycle I go right back to feeling crappy again. ... (3 replies)
Aug 2, 2011
... insight or advice you have. I recently went to an Endo to just get a view inside my body. I had all my levels checked one thing that stuck out at me was my high ACTH levels. The range on the sheet says 0. ... (2 replies)
... mg of hydrocortisone is a LOT. ... (29 replies)
... an answer. I had a n Addison's Test yesterday and obviously I don't have the results back yet but I diffinately felt like something changed when I had it. Many of the normal symptoms of Addison's I have but they can be attributed to other conditions I've already been diagnosed with. ... (0 replies)
... Thank you to everyone for your kind remarks and wonderful support. This was the first time I'd ever posted a message on one of these forums. I'm a relatively private person, but as I read countless posts on this site I realized that there are other people out there just like me. ... (6 replies)
Adrenal crisis
Jun 2, 2006
... trakos, Here is a bit of information about how the ACTH stim test is supposed to be done. I hope you can find another endo to retest you. ... (3 replies)
... A blood draw followed by automated determination of sodium and potassium levels as well as other standard blood markers. ... (8 replies)
... Here are the tests you need. Don't start a steriod replacement without a firm diagnosis. For me yawning was a sign of low cortisol. ... (22 replies)
... Sleep does not refresh me. It is almost as though I didn't go to bed. One of the things I find very disturbing with addisons. ... (18 replies)
... Your new endo doctor did not do the ACTH test since you had no injection. ... (1 replies)

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