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Feb 1, 2003
... Cip: I have been going thru much of the same thing as you. Test after test comes back normal. The thyroid was in the normal range but on the low end - so the endo put me on low dose Levoyxl. It didn't really seem to help. Then he was willing to start me on low dose Cortef even my level was ok. (The test for the cortisol was a blood-draw first thing in the morning without... (2 replies)
... I am 38 and have Hypothyroidism. I recently had a cortisol test and my initial results came back at a level of 210. ... (3 replies)
... well I demanded the Cortisol test and it came back at 0. ... (0 replies)

... fatigue, whatever you want to call it. My doctor told me that they are Stage 7 which is the worst it can get. Based on a Cortisol 24 hour Saliva test. But, now from another group i don't even know if that is valid because they don't go by stages? ... (7 replies)
... My endo tested my cortisol and it read 3.9. On the day of my test I fasted. I was so exhausted I slept until 11 and blood was taken at noon. ... (0 replies)
... I have adrenal fatigue with low cortisol. I had my aldosterone level checked as well and it came back as 3. The nurse said no normal range was given with my results but I read that it should be between 5 and 35. So, since I'm still exhausted, get muscle cramps and have a low mood what should I do? ... (0 replies)
... Hey! Thank you so much for the reply <3 My BP does drop when I stand up, I have had that checked. My BP is generally in the low-to-normal range on average, although a few months ago it was sky-high for no apparent reason. But, I have checked it and every time I do the sit-to-stand test, it does drop instead of going up, indicating adrenal issues. My body temp is another... (17 replies)
... What other symptoms do you have? (6 replies)
... If I have many of the symptoms associated with low coritsol and my blood test came out to 6.2 @ 8:00am (range 5-23) will my endo pursue saliva or other tests to determine my condition? (6 replies)
... You had a noticable cortisol response and both numbers were within the normal range. Most likely your endo will think the adrenals are functioning. ... (1 replies)
... Finally My plasma cortisol was <6> @ 8 am and 4 pm. ACTH was normal <18> @ 8am range 5-27 Doctor has not given me any medication. Retesting ACTH first he said. I am very ill. Nausea, weakness, vertigo, exhaustion. My mother has come to stay with me and help take care of my children. I want to thank everyone on here for the support. I cannot believe how many... (1 replies)
... Estradial came back - 21 (5-66) - 26% of range. I didn't get the Aldosterone numbers yet, but the nurse called them "normal". :confused: Anyone else have any ideas? I'm stumped, anemic, confused, have tingly/numb toes, dumbfounded, will be subjected to more tests by my Endo before he starts me on adrenal relief meds, quickly losing hope (again), and once again I'm... (31 replies)
... Does anyone know what the normal range is for cortisol in Canada? ... (0 replies)
... Make sure you always get copies of all your lab work. This will allow you to determine where you are percentage wise. Many MDs just aime for normal range.. not optimal. We tend to have to fight for optimal treatment. I am betting it is not in your head, but in minimalist treatment of your endocrine issues. ... (5 replies)
... has only come up with Addison's as causing these specific types of skin discoloration. I don't know if it is. My AM cortisol was 12, within the normal range, so I am hesitant about spending several hundred dollars on testing and I still don't know which test would be better in my situation. ... (4 replies)
72 hour fast!
Jun 2, 2007
... he seemed to dismiss any thought of adrenal insufficiency etc as my single serum cortisol was in the 'normal' range. ... (3 replies)
... Where they in the normal range? ... (37 replies)
... Again, I agree with Wanda. I don't think you are getting enough cortisol. I was able to go down to 15 mg. of Cortef for awhile, but I soon found that I needed to bump up to 20, which is what I take now. (The endo had me on 60 mg when I was first diagnosed.) I am stumped at your IGF-1 results. My last one was 176 with a normal range of 92-190 (I am currently taking growth... (37 replies)
... and the high cortisol could be attributed to stress, but there's really no way to explain away high prolactin, esp. in a guy. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Leslie, Wow, it sounds like you feel miserable right now and need some help, quick! I am sorry no one responded sooner to your post. Your symptoms and high potassium would certainly warrant a workup for Addison's disease. Do you have a doctor who will work with you? If not, I would head straight to an endocrinologist and ask for a full workup, including... (1 replies)

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