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... t out of bed. My husband gave me tortilla chips n cheese to eat, and I loaded it down with salt, and within 30 minutes, I felt fine, like nothing was ever wrong. Please help. This stuff is scary whatever it is. ... (11 replies)
... Hi, I had a life changing illness this year that nearly took my life in July. Started off with a crushing headache which progressed to a fever, shaking chills, extreme confusion/lethargy and extremely low Blood Pressure. Sent to ER and given fluid resucitation which didn't help my low BP. Blood platelets were low as well as WBC count. Cortisol measured a 7 on the one... (4 replies)
... Please do make sure that your cortisone dose is adequate, frequent enough, and discuss whether you need mineralcorticoid along with cortisone (Fluorinef). That helps regulate sodium, potassium and prevents dehydration, all of which can make one tired and listless if off balance. If sodium is low, potassium is high you need Fluorinef. Also make sure your thyroid dose is... (16 replies)

Mom has addisons
Nov 26, 2012
... etc. If my cortisone is too low I feel washed out and I feel like I am just fading away. This is hard to explain but I bet your Mom knows exactly how I feel! Please talk to her doctor or specialist and see if this might help her. God bless. ... (2 replies)
... Just to say to anyone who has read the previous messages that I have at last had a diagnosis of Addison's Disease! It is a year and a half since I first went to the GP - seems like much longer, but I know that others have waited far longer. A great relief I must admit. I'm on Fludrocortisone now as well as the HC. They have also put me on Vit D/Calcium tabs as they said... (33 replies)
... Can somebody please answer this for me? ... (5 replies)
... When do you stress dose? Our doctor has me stress dose my teenage daughter (Addison's) if there is a fever or vomiting. But she has had episodes of trembling/severe fatigue at the start of school and illnesses with no fever. One doctor said do stress dose when ill even without fever, but our doctor and most info online says differently. ???:confused::confused: Please let... (1 replies)
... Thanks again for the encouragement. I really appreciate the reinforcement to stick with hydrocort. Today will be day 3 of taking hydrocprt after a 2.5 year holistic battle with addison's. A test a month ago showed cortisol below the low range three times of the day, and was very low in the mornings. I've been living in a colorless world for far too long. Yesterday I took... (18 replies)
... nctioning. If your thyroid was deficient you'd replace that. This disease can kill, but worse, make you live in a state where you'd rather die you feel so awful. Please give your body what it needs since it isn't making it like it should. You should not have side effects as long as your doses are appropriate. ... (18 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Addison's almost 26 years ago and have no side effects from the medication. I recently asked my endocrinologist about the many listed side effects of cortisone and he said in our case (replacement) there should be no long term side effects. So far so good. If you are not functioning properly you likely do not have enough cortisone in your body. Get... (18 replies)
Dead Tired
Sep 21, 2012
... I am 48 years old and have had Addison's since 23. For well over 20 year no Addison's issues (at all), yet this year has been hell. I went from 50 employees to unemployed in just a few months. I remain that way 10 months later. I am experiencing the same symptoms, but after a change from Cortisone Acetate to Hydrocortisone the endo maintains my dosage is correct...I... (5 replies)
... Hi Helen Hope that you are feeling much better today and that your GP visit was helpful. I had a letter yesterday from the hospital confirming my results. It also stated that "...the problem is your adrenal gland". I'm hoping that it was a typo as I am assuming I have two adrenal glands, unless they aren't telling me something! My appointment is on the 7th... (33 replies)
... Hi Helen Sunny weather again! Hope you can enjoy it and perhaps sit in the garden? The beach hut sounds wonderful! I always wished that we had one when I was a child. Sorry that you are feeling so weak. I wonder if the GP could ok the fludro-cortisone if your BP is still very low? Even if they had to contact the specialist first? I am wondering what the next... (33 replies)
... Hi Helen What a traumatic night (and day for that matter)! I hope that the extra tablets have kicked in now. You're right about the flow chart, I had a basic table given to me by the Endo Nurse, to show HC increases for when you have flu, stomach bug etc. but more detail would be really helpful. When I got a bug in July I only doubled up on the day I had a fever, but it... (33 replies)
... Hi Joy Yes I have a bracelet. Was told during the glucagon stress test to get one. But think I could have done with the injection last night..... Felt unwell in the afternoon, by tea time felt awful! Hot, dizzy, weak, pale, palpitations as I did do before H.C. Took an extra (half my 5pm dose) H.C. at 7:30pm. No improvement. Took another dose at 9pm. No improvement. ... (33 replies)
... P.S. Forgot to say that the emergency injection kit is a great idea. I feel safer having one with me. Do you have an alert bracelet too? (33 replies)
... Hi Helen So sorry that you haven't been feeling well. I do hope that you are on the mend now and that the days pass quickly before your appointment. Many thanks for your kind thoughts. I am taking it as a diagnosis (hopefully I'm not making too many assumptions), but I will be glad to hear it directly from the specialist or endo nurse. It sounds as though you would... (33 replies)
... Hi Joy That's great news :0) To eventually get a diagnosis and Fludrocortisone prescribed is fantastic! I hope you thoroughly enjoy your take-away and fizzy tonight! You'll have to keep me updated on your progress on fludro. I've been back and forth to the Dr's over the last two weeks with a relentless gastric bug. Had to increase my cortisone to cope with the bug. ... (33 replies)
... Hi Helen Well at last I have some answers! :) I spoke to the specialist's secretary on the phone today. I still have low cortisol (as expected), but the thyroid and Adult Growth Hormone levels were fine. They want to put me on fludrocortisone. My interpretation of this is that I have Addison's rather than Hypopituitary as the AGH and thyroid are ok and, as far as I... (33 replies)
... Hi Helen I totally agree about the medication - having the meds has given me back some control in my life. When I take the tabs at the correct time I feel that I can have some control over my symptoms. Before the HC good days and bad ones weren't predicatable and I swung from knowing something was really wrong with me, to thinking maybe I was just 'getting old' (as a... (33 replies)

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