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... Can someone please answer this question? ... (7 replies)
... Hello everyone, I am a 24 year old girl who has been diagnosed with Addisons disease recently. I am a medical student, so I have self diagnosed this for myself since the doctors were no help for a long time. The doctors ignored it till I became extremely weAk and fatigued. I got my tests done and my cortisol levels were suppressed, so I have primary adrenal insufficiency. I... (7 replies)
... Hi Joy Am still increasing my doses. Feel as weak as a kitten. Just had my shower and am done in! Will see what the GP says tomorrow as to what I do. As you say, your scared of want to do. I know increasing the hydro on the short term won't do any harm but this is so new to us that you need reassurance and of course it happen on a Friday evening...... The flow chart... (33 replies)

... Hi Helen Thanks for your reply. I think that as I had to miss some HC to prepare for the test I experienced some of my old symptoms again - to a lesser degree. I couldn't eat an evening meal on Saturday as I felt so full from a sandwich at lunch and I was also very tired after shopping. However, I'm back at work and not doing too badly now - no teaching yet, just... (33 replies)
... Hi, I`m new here so bare with me :wave: I`ve been having symptoms for about 4 years now, extreme fatigue, dizzyness, bloating, craving salt,and generally feeling awful 24/7 almost flu like. Ive had a few tests, thyroid is fine, although i was convinced it wasnt. I had a short synacthen test, to test adrenals and that came back normal, but looking at the other tests i have,... (0 replies)
... I thought I read that cortisol tests are useless if you are already on replacement HC. Somebody please reply and let me know if that's right. ... (2 replies)
... I'm currently taking HC, 20mg per day in 4 doses, and am also up to 2 grains of natural dessicated thyroid. Can you please tell me what your opinion is of those cortisol levels? ... (2 replies)
... You lot are so knowledgeable, I'm impressed! Really hoping someone can give me advice. Have felt lousy for last 5/6 years, but symptoms much worse the last year - extreme fatigue (am now sleeping up to 16 hours a day), muscle weakness, low BP, dizziness and feeling faint, irregular periods, shakiness if I get too tired or too physical and I don't deal with stress very well... (2 replies)
... ACTH, Plasma 38H RANGE (5-27) PG/ML Aldosterone 3, no ranges ? Cortisol Baseline 15.5 mcg/dl 30 mins 24.0 mcg/dl 60 mins 25.4 mcg/dl (0 replies)
... so please be careful especialy around your children! Your family doctor might could help more, remember to take the least amount of steroid possible. ... (8 replies)
... My potassium level is slightly low on the past few tests...doctors told me to eat more bananas and stuff...I drink lots of water, and sometimes use trace minerals, but each time I have went to the ER they say I am slightly dehydrated (not sure if that is true or not). My nutritonal counclier believe my CFIDS is a direct result of Adreanl Fatigue, but not full-blown Addison's.... (7 replies)
... Apparently the cortisol levels are supposed to double after 60min... does this mean my test was abnormal even though the baseline cortisol was within range? Please someone help me understand. (1 replies)
... After 3 years of pain, fatigue, etc, I read the book Adrenal Fatigue and felt like I was reading about my life. I found a doctor that would do a saliva test and it came back low cortisol. Here is my readings: Morning 7.4 (range 3.7-9.5) Noon .7 (1.2-3.0) Evening .3 ( .6-1.9) Night .2 (.4-1.0) (0 replies)
... ok am cortisol was 4.5 at 10am 30 min 25.9 60 min 27.9 is this normal? the values are 6fold my doc doesn't know how to read it and is calling an endo? please respond as this is Friday and I won't get answers till next week. addtl symptoms flushing 1cm adreanal mass joint pain fatigue insomnia (0 replies)
... get the acth done! i can't believe they didn't already. or better yet, get the 24 hr. urine cortisol test. you sound a lot like you have addison's, please get it checked before you get worse. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I posted previously about whether I should get a different test than the ACTH stim test. I haven't had one in 3yrs but I had 2 then and both were normal. As I stated in my earlier post, in 2006 my endo thought I had AD. I had alot of the symptoms so he started me on Florinef for the low blood pressure. It helped ALOT, but I didn't feel completely better. I... (1 replies)
... If your doctor knew to take these tests, then hopefully he is good and can guide you well. Please post an update. ... (5 replies)
... If you find out why so many lose their sex drive, please let me know!!! ... (1 replies)
... Hi i feel that i may have low cortisol. Thing is i had to have surgery the other day and i felt awful- about 3 hours after i felt extreemly weak and tired (could bearly move) -my legs and wrists felt achy like some one was squeezing them till it hurt -excessivly nauseaus so much so that i couldnt drink -tirsty -thing is my heart rate was really fast and went even faster... (2 replies)
... I am calling my dr tomorrow. I have not been feeling well since....well bloods from November showed low potassium 3.4 and low sodium 1.36. I have had low sodium in the past where my dr has called me and told me I needed to eat more salt. I found that strange because I eat foods that are bad for me...potato chips, fast food...etc. I drink alot of soda and hardly... (3 replies)

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