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... And in the meantime please accept all offers of help for yourself and your children that you get. ... (1 replies)
Addison's Disease
Jan 17, 2013
... nd no once can seem to help him out. His feeling worst and he does not feel any improvement. Were researching online to find a specialist in the USA. Can someone please refer a specialist here in the USA that can help please. I did read a post about specialist in Texas but for some reason i could not reply or write to that post. ... (11 replies)
... tion is how I feel when I know I am running low on my steroid replacement... especially, the extreme fatigue, inability to get up in the morning and the nausea. Please please please do yourself a favor and get to a doc and get all of the right testing done... ... (5 replies)

... If you have any family or friends who can read this and help you, PLEASE share this with them. ... (23 replies)
... Hi folks, Thank you for reading this. I have been suffering for so long, and am posting on boards like these as a last resort. I am a 37 year old male, formerly very vital, and now am experiencing non-specific symptoms so severe that I feel that if they persist, I'll have to kill myself to save the wife and daughter I love so much. As you read this, please keep the... (6 replies)
... eeks ago, and im so confused what it acctually is, ive read alot of posts on different websites about different types of addisons disease and it is so confusing! please someone explain it to me! Ive been put on Hydrocorisone and Fludrocortisone which i have to take three times a day. ... (10 replies)
... Again, please keep in mind that I'm not a doctor. ... (29 replies)
... out of pocket for this surgery and I feel like I've wasted my money. Please, please, please lead me in the right direction. I don't have an appt. with my Endo until Jan. of next year, but I would like to call and ask him to run some tests. ... (3 replies)
... ving some type of normalcy in his life again. And that was after almost a month in the hospital trying to figure things out and then back in for complications. Please know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel but that you are going to have to find the right doctors to get you there. Don't stop until you find one. ... (85 replies)
... If you ever need to talk, please feel free to email me. I'd love to talk to you. ... (26 replies)
... Not all do so that by itself is not a defining characteristic of the disease. Please test again, tests have been know to be wrong. Also make them test somthing called ACTH. ... (12 replies)
Visit to endocrine
May 12, 2014
... H test done which came back normal but I am hearing many of you talk about secondry adrenal insuffieciency and how this test does not show this. Could any of you please give me some direction please? ... (0 replies)
... hurt so damn bad. I'm 20, and no one can figure out whats wrong with me. My therapist noticed they havent tested for addisons and that a lot of my symptoms fit. Please let me know if i should see an endocrinologist? ... (3 replies)
... ke I have to stretch it. LATELY I just feel more and more soar. I am figuring it may be cuz of the lack of my afternoon dose. If anyone experience these symptons please connect with me. I need to talk to others with AD. I am scared that my muscles are deteriorating and really fearful of side effects to the meds. ... (4 replies)
... Please ask any other questions you have, any please any new information you have. We can help each other. I can hold a job. I have been employed for over 5 years now. ... (11 replies)
... Thank you so much for your reply! YES! That is the name! Thank you so much. Can you please please fill me in? ... (3 replies)
... If you haven't had your B12 Levels tested please get it checked its really important, its a simple blood test and may help some of your symptom's. ... (7 replies)
... im on hydrocortisone 20, 10, 10 & fluorohydrocortisone steroids, they have just reduced the fludro in half to 100mg in the morning over the last week, but still no change to my B/P... the last reading was 154/121 ...going to see my endocrinologist this evening so hope i get some answers today.. If you follow my thread you will see i have a very complicated medical history... (2 replies)
... May i recommend Siberian Ginseng, it helps repair/restore ur adrenal glands; 3,000 mg max dose b4 bed knocks u out and u sleep deeply & wake rested. U take for 3mths like that then 3wk rest then another 3mths & so forth. Do not exceed that dose or it will have the reverse effect on ur body. I 2 have hypo thyroid tho dr tests always say it's fine so i've started taking kelp... (17 replies)
... Could you please explain if there is a differnece between "adrenal exhaution." "adrenal fatigue" and addison's disease , and the difference between them all. ... (0 replies)

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