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... endos so if you have questions please ask on all the forums you can find before doing anything. ... (2 replies)
... Annie, Your story makes me cry. Why can't the doctors see what's before their eyes? Have you met with the doctors involved? Sorry you are suffering so & hope in time you will find some peace. I cannot imagine the hurt from your loss. Wanda (21 replies)
... The reason I came here and posted this msg. is simple. If you think you have Addison's....PLEASE don't wait to seek help...if one Dr. doesn't satify you then PLEASE go to another. I don't want anyone to suffer the way Kris did...mostly in silence because the Drs. said there was nothing wrong. ... (21 replies)

... hormones for that. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Everyone hang in there. If anyone has any advise please post. ... (4 replies)
... If so please say. ... (4 replies)
... Well, if this doctor doesn't work out don't let it discourage you, ok? Several Cushing's patients had to see several endos before we found the right one. Make sure and ask him how many Cushing's cases he's seen before - if he's seen over ten then you've found an endo who might know a thing or two. Also, if he does a low dose dex test (you take 1 mg of dexamethasone at 11pm... (3 replies)
... Hey Cushie I have large amounts of fat on my midsection. I am thin in all other body parts except my stomache, in fact I am slightly underweight compared to others with my build. So I look like a thin girl who is five months pregnant. I bruise extremely easily. No facial hair, thank god. I do flush in the face a bit, when I was in school my face would get so red for... (3 replies)
... It sounds a bit like Cushing's but let me ask you a few more questions (btw, many of us who've had Cushing's had HUGE problems with depression and/or diagnosed with bipolar): Have you gained weight or has your weight switched to your mid-section (pregnant belly look?) Do you bruise easily? Facial hair? Flushing of the face? Is your face very round? Your result is quite... (3 replies)
... I recently got my cortisol tested and it was 19 on their scale of 2-9 (I don't know what scale this clinic uses). I have been having symptoms almost half my life. I got sudden depression when I was 12, when I was a relatively happy child before. Insomnia followed, I have not been able to sleep without a pill since I was 15. Anxiety. One DR. Diagnosed me as Bi Polar, when I am... (3 replies)
... help! another thing i left out was, when my last period came, it lasted for half a day and it never came back. im not sexually active and i know im not pregnant. please help!!! ... (12 replies)
Jan 31, 2003
... hi kathy...yesterday i was diagnosed w/ having stage 3 adreanl exhaustion. i am 33 and though have not had a hysterectomy, i have had for the past 3 yrs or so, many problems arise. every test i got back was "normal", i was sent home feeling like i must be imaging my symptoms, psycho symatic! until i found this woman a few weeks ago that w/ on meeting said she felt as though... (3 replies)
... form of Addision's Disease. Just wanting to correspond with another in similar circumstances. Please write .com. ... (6 replies)
... Hi K, Hope you have seen your endo by now. I was diagnosed last Easter (2016) and put on 10 mg hydrocortisone in the morning and 5mg at midday and 5mg at 4pm. I found that I was putting on weight. I have since reduced my dose to 5mg on waking, 5 mg mid morning and 5mg after lunch. I feel fine on this - in fact better than on the higher dosage. My weight in now going... (2 replies)
Advice please
Jan 18, 2017
... Hey there, How did you end up going? I noticed that hopefully by now you would have had your appointment so anything I say is going to be useless, but the urgent wait list here where I live is "within 12 months". Ridiculous isn't it? I hope everything is sorted for you now! K. (4 replies)
Advice please
Dec 14, 2016
... Five months to figure this out is a little scary. If you have any medical emergency it is critical they know your situation, to the extent anyone knows it. As regards the long term effects of cortisone, if it is managed well it shouldn't cause effects as it is hopefully replacing what your body is failing to make on its own. (4 replies)
... Hi Everyone, I am new here, my name is Erin. Just alittle background on me. I am 49 years old, I have been hypo for about 17 years. My hypo has been treated pretty well by synthroid, but starting about March, I felt very hypo. Did blood work and my tsh was around 2.4 or so, too high for me, so my dr increased my med from 137 to 150. Well, I gave it about 6 weeks, I was... (0 replies)
Advice please
Apr 17, 2016
... There are quite a number of pathological reasons why cortisol levels would become insufficient.. but when it is insufficient, the resulting condition is called Addisons disease. Because there are a number of pathological conditions that can cause low cortisol leveles, further test is needed. There could possibly be genetic factor behind it.. if you and yr mom have it, it... (4 replies)
Advice please
Apr 15, 2016
... Also i was told there is a five month waiting time and thats on the list of urgent people? (4 replies)
Advice please
Apr 15, 2016
... Hi, This is my first post as I am new to the forum. just looking for some help or advise if possible. Here's my situation so far just to get an idea: In November 2015 i had a cortisol check at my doctors and found my cortisol levels are too low. I was referred to my local hospital to have a ATCH test (i think that is what its called) in December and was told that... (4 replies)
... when you mentioned Candida, before I was diagnosed with low cortisol another doctor wanted to treat me for Candida also. Keep me updated on how you're doing but please do be careful! From everything I've read, steroids are the only treatment. ... (18 replies)

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