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... i have my first appt with endo on 28Th March but he said my thyroid levels were normal and its only because of other things that he gave the appointment no i havent been tested for T-3 or Hashimotos. What is the difference? Thanks will go onto thyroid thread. Regard ... (29 replies)
... hi mg. my tsh is 2.36 and free t4 is 16.i am on 100mg of levothyroxine now i went up to 125 mg when i was pregnant.then they dropped it about 6 mnths since. thing is as well i recently had a large lump removed out my arm and when they removed the stitches it all fell open,i have to twice a week for dressings changed also i dont feel better on monthly b12 jabs ,my head is foggy... (29 replies)
... What are your thyroid levels? FT3 and Ft4? You may not be optimized there.. many do not get optimized. Have you been tested for Hashimoto's? It is worth always gettign a copy of your labs. What dose of LevoT are you on? MG (29 replies)

... Hi Kim. I am sorry you have horrible fatigue. I know it stinks! My doctor did not prescribe Cortef. He prescribed Wilson's protocol for severe adrenal fatigue. It is three different supplements taken several times a day. I have done very limited research at this point, but from what I have read people feel these supplements work. Supposedly this strengthens the... (29 replies)
... Hi everyone. Finally, the results are in: severe adrenal fatigue and low DHEA, low estradiol, low progesterone, low testosterone, and a very low ratio of estradiol to progesterone. I knew things were wrong, but I am amazed at what a mess I am! I have a lot to learn. Does anyone else have low hormone levels? I have a very complicated protocol to follow. I will do... (29 replies)
... Hi Kim. I am glad you enjoyed Christmas! It is great you see improvement over the past ones. Even slow improvement is better than no improvement right? Have your blood sugar levels been normal? If they are normal and you have no symptoms, I don't know why your doctor would want the testing done. I suggest asking him/her. (29 replies)
... Kim, thank you for your kind words! You have been a great help with adrenal information :) I was told it usually takes about 3 1/2 weeks to get results. Maybe mine is taking longer because they are testing several hormones. The doctor told me to send it out and then make an appointment for a follow-up in a month. So I will schedule it soon. I am glad you have seen... (29 replies)
... Hi guys. My appointment went great and I really liked the doctor! I did the saliva test and sent it out over the weekend. He is checking coritsol and three or four other hormones. It cost $240. What amazed me was this doctor told me that if he could not determine what was wrong, he had several other people he could consult with. He is from NY, so he knows about Lyme... (29 replies)
... Thanks you guys. I hope it goes well also, I need it to! I have compared my symptoms to those of adrenal fatigue and will discuss this with the doctor. If you have suggestions for questions or other issues to discuss, I would love to hear them. Thanks! I will let you know how it went when I get back home. (29 replies)
... Thanks Kim. I also do not feel rested when I wake up even though I do not have insomnia and seem to sleep. I am glad the replacement is helping you. Anything that can help is good! I have an appointment Thursday with a doctor who is supposed to be knowledgeable about adrenal problems. I hope it goes well. He is over an hour away, so I hope it is not a waste of time. (29 replies)
... Thanks rumpled. I apprectiate everyone telling me that your insurance covered most of the testing cost. I had heard it was not covered. Hopefully as you say when a doctor orders it, insurance should pay. I understand what it is like to have a lot going on. I hope you feel better soon. (29 replies)
... Hi Sarah, thank you! I saw my doctor this morning. He talked to a colleague about my results and the colleague recommended that I do the saliva test. The doctor is supposed to be calling me later with the other doctor's contact information. Hopefully, I can get some answers soon (one way or the other). Do you have adrenal fatigue? (29 replies)
... Saliva tests are recognized as valid tests and with a doctor's order and diagnsosis code, insurance should pay. The ones my doctors order are usually by ACL labs or esoterix labs (which is owned by *******). If you read up on the protocols for testing, many of them include saliva testing. Your test was done a bit too late to really be accurate and hopefully your doctor will... (29 replies)
... Orion, thank you for your response. Both are in the normal range. The morning was 12 (range 4-22) and the afternoon is 13 (range 3-16). The doctor thought that maybe there should be a bigger difference between the two. He was going to check with a colleague who is more knowledgeable about adrenals. I also have Lyme disease and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Do you have... (29 replies)
... Morning should be significantly higher. If they are about the same, then the question is: are they both high or both low. Both high = Cushings, both low = Addison's, both moderate = needs more investigation. (29 replies)
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Sep 7, 2014
... Hello there BellaMila, I think so. The dr just said there is something wrong with your cortisol level it is lower than low normal and there is something up with your ACTH. ... (8 replies)
... My ND would call that functionally high. I had mine done and it was 15.5 then we did an adrenal stress index that showed my cortisol level at four different times of the day and that was really way off. ... (2 replies)
... My Endo told me this test was normal, but if you look at my AM level it is below Normal range.. ... (5 replies)
... pm I crash again and may or may not perk back up again after 6. I almost certainly will be wide awake at 10 pm until 1 am unless I am very sleep deprived. ... (3 replies)
... es everything plus the fatigue and nausea, low sodium and craving for salt. My current doctor doesn't believe in Adrenal Fatigue, but the Gastro specialist did a cortisol test for me and in pm was 1.4. He requested the hospital to do an a.m. cortisol too, but they thought it was an error and they only ran the p.m. blood cortisol. ... (6 replies)

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