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... I will put visiting him on the top of my list.....heīs in Delaware & the kids just missed a week of school......but even if I go solo I plan on doing so....I go see my doctor on May 2nd for physical & followup on I will see what he says. Iīm sure itīll all work out "perfectly" knowing how you want this project to go. Okay, okay... I'll admit I missed you.... (85 replies)
... Still remember you?!? How could I forget you, Gooey? ;) I'm so glad the news about your brother is good. Hopefully, he'll stay discharged for a longer amount of time. Do you plan to visit him soon? The remodeling is very much like Cancun. It's hot and the work is a beach. :jester: The new shower is much bigger so it presents the biggest problem. I suspect that the... (85 replies)
... Phew....boy was it a rough night for this gal....I woke up at 3am with horrible thoughts and such a strong feeling that something went very wrong with my brother...barely slept after that. Came here to check my email and was glad to get an update from my SIL that they resituated the lead on my brotherīs heart and that he is doing ok but still in some pain which the doctors... (85 replies)

... Pretty much a fine tuning....they feel they punctured the lining of his heart with the insertion of the lead and that is why it must be moved. He goes in midday tomorrow....just wish he would feel better is all. Tom & joined in on a "How to make a cocktail class".....I drank 5 samples and almost sank to the bottom of the pool :eek: Was great fun....K. & her sister... (85 replies)
... I'm assuming this is less serious than when they installed the pacemaker... right? Is this process considered something major or is it fine-tuning as he improves? :confused: Life has been very pleasant the last few days... :p I'd expect nothing less from the daughter of an "Ivory Girl". :D Be glad the younger daughter isn't doing the same thing and making you ask... (85 replies)
... You should know that Goody is always open to compromise. The deer is not debatable however since we both have a love of the water the sailfish is measured with a photo takent & may look good in our it may be a good memory ewpecially if it is not the "reel" thing ;) Thank God we are not big fish eaters...that makes Tom a catch & release man ... (85 replies)
... If your brother is improving or stable now, I would hope that means your vacation will be worry free. :cool: I think you've said that you don’t care for Tom to mount his trophy catches for display in your home... so what will he do with them? With 5 shutoffs installed, the pet project is a completely empty room and minus some drywall. It will start looking better soon. (85 replies)
... No big news on my brother.....hopefully the prednisone is doing itīs job. Heartland....youīre sense of humor is always intact.....of course I meant the left and believe it or not I am use to the meds now...feel as if they donīt even affect me in a bad way anymore...must be the vacation and relaxing effects :bouncing: Tom caught a 89 inch sailfish and 4 ft barracuda :D... (85 replies)
... Goody, I want the hot water coming out of the LEFT faucet. (Was that your meds talking? ;)) BTW, the pipes I'm working with now don't give off a pleasant aroma. :nono: Songs for tonight? I suggest a Bette Midler song. Of course, you could do the Wind Beneath My Wings or the one of hers I like the best... The Rose. I hope you beat out your younger daughter for first... (85 replies)
... Thanks, a plumber and a man of many talents ;) I gather the custom vanity has arrived......Mrs. H must be smiling just waiting for it to be installed!!! far everything has worked out for a terrific vacation. Thank goodness my brother is holding his own....knowing I can check my email is of great comfort. I finished a book and am halfway... (85 replies)
... Sounds like your having a great time!!! :) I'm thankful that your brother is showing even slight improvement since he was going the other way just before you left. I'll keep sayin' 'em for you two. :angel: I caught your post midway through sweating in shutoff valves for the pet project. I do pretty nice work... maybe I should become a plumber! :D (85 replies)
... Just checked my email and it seems that there is a slight improvement in the pericarditis my brother has but not what they had hoped. They are putting him on prednisone hoping that it will resolve some.....if not by next week they intend on moving one of the internal leads of the pacemaker which they feel has caused irritation to the heart....they want to leave that as a last... (85 replies)
... 2 minutes left but just enough to thank you for your prayers....well its back to the beach for me....its beautiful here and just what this gal needed.....adios mi amigo......Goody :jester: (85 replies)
... Lisa..... Thanks for you thoughts.....I am posting while on beautiful Cancun.....I called my brother from airprort yersterday and he sounded much better....the morphine doubled up was making him more comfortable, thank God. :angel: So I am praying that he will have better news in 2 weeks when I return. Thanks again for your prayers & concern......GOODY (85 replies)
... Goody - I have been thinking about your brother lately, and I am sorry that he is not doing well at this point. I wish that you would be able to post some good news soon! I know how hard it is to even think about enjoying yourself on a vacation when you know that a loved is suffering. But it won't do you any good either to not get some time away. That doesn't mean you... (85 replies)
... He will continue to be in my prayers. I've thought a lot about him this week. (85 replies)
... Heartland ~ Please do Goody a big favor & double up on those prayers. I almost would like to cancel my trip after just speaking to my brother....he sounds just awful and I am in tears at having to go so far away without knowing what's going on with him. My SIL said that he is not doing his breathing exercises as I instructed and that they doubled his morphine for the pain. ... (85 replies)
... Sorry to hear this news, Goody. He will continue to be in my prayers. :angel: (85 replies)
... Well...he's getting out this afternoon...with two collapsed lobes and an infection of his heart he's going home :eek: And on morphine which further surpresses your respiratory system. He' a 42 year old man and 6'5" so there's nothing this big sis can do to hold him down. It's a catch 22...if he stays he can catch a pneumonia that'll probably kill him and if he goes home I... (85 replies)
... Heartland ~ I didn't mean to infer any particular hospital but hospitals in general. It has been found to be of great concern, that as well as they clean a hospital, there are virulent strains of bacteria that form that have formed a resisitence to most broad spectrum antibiotic treatments. In other words....the faster you can get yourself out of a hospitilization the better... (85 replies)

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