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... In classic Addison's, aldosterone is low and I don't know how that would fit with your now LOW potassium but most primary Addisonians have to take Florinef in addition to their cortef to control their fluid balance and electrolytes. ... (1 replies)
... have read that people with Addison's generally have high potassium, and mine was low in the ER, I was confused if I really have adreanl problems, then why was my potassium low and not high? ... (7 replies)
... I would hold off taking any potassium supplements until seeing what your electrolytes look like on bloodwork. High potassium is a risk of Addison's and it can lead to heart problems. ... (26 replies)

... my doctor said to take them both but I would think that kind of evens each other out, so what would be the point. Last time I had massive potassium problems I took so much to replensih that I ended up in ICU with an Addisonian crisis. ... (1 replies)
... Tell your Doctor to run a blood test and specifically check your potassium levels as well as your sodium levels. If the blood work show's high potassium in your system..there's a good chance you have Addison's Disease. ... (26 replies)
... Also, stabilization of your sodium and potassium levels should be done slowly to prevent brain swelling. ... (1 replies)
... I asked her about Addison's and she said that my sodium and potassium levels were normal. ... (3 replies)
... I have had Addison's Disease for 10 yrs. If I eat 2 oranges, it's em room time. I can tolerate maybe 4 strawberries or 1 orange a week. I feel like death if I eat too much potassium. I LOVE fruit and potatoes and spinach in a salad. Been real hard for me to give up. Has ur skin color darkened? My first visible symptoms were dark lines in palm of hand, gums purple, and hair... (4 replies)
... sodium and potassium levels. ... (1 replies)
... sodium and potassium levels. ... (3 replies)
... sodium and potassium levels. ... (1 replies)
... sodium and potassium levels. ... (1 replies)
... sodium and potassium levels. ... (7 replies)
... sodium and potassium levels. ... (9 replies)
Addison trouble
Jun 21, 2010
... Hi Chuckswife, For now do not eat tomatoes, high in potassium(if you have addison's you are not to eat high potassium food especially when having problems). But eat the salty foods if craving for them. What testing so far did you have done? Some Dr's just don't understand addison's, even Endo's. Do you have hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin- all over tan not from... (10 replies)
... I don't know the answer to your question, so I'm not sure I can help. Addison's can cause high potassium and low sodium. ... (6 replies)
... Hello all, I hope everyone is feeling and doing their very best. I am new to the board. I have been diagnosed with Addison's since 1989. I have a cluster of auto immune illness. Hypothyroid since 1982, sjogren's syndrome since 2003 and lupus in 2006. It keeps me busy. I am posting today with a problem that i can't seem to get help with. I live in Canada where the... (0 replies)
... I haven't had my cortisol tested yet, but my sodium and potassium are normal. I've also had my TSH checked and have been tested for reactive hypoglycemia. ... (4 replies)
High potassium
Feb 3, 2011
... Absolutely. I've had Addison's for years (did the cancer/chemo cause the addison's or was the addison's and poor immune system part of the cause of the cancer?). I have most of your symptoms, but that's not to say your symptoms couldn't be caused by something else. However, I have a couple of times experienced such high potassium I had to be hospitalized for K-ax-o-late... (10 replies)
... Limit eating high potassium foods since our potassium seems to run high anyway. ... (16 replies)

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