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... What really throws me off is that my Potassium is low as well. My sodium is even a little high. ... (1 replies)
... tale signs of your adrenals not producing aldosterone is your body's inability to absorb sodium, thus having low sodium, high potassium. ... (2 replies)
... Addisons you body cannot control you sodium levels in many cases and it without sodium cannot hold enough water to keep the blood volume up causing dehydration. Potassium and Renin work with Aldosterone to cause your body to hold to the sodium and tells the kidneys to release more water from your system. ... (12 replies)

... water retention, loss of potassium which is necessary to keep muscles from cramping. ... (0 replies)
... ends over this. They think I'm "crazy" bc I have been to so many doctors and I don't believe what they say. Sorry....I almost had a heartattach bc went off of my potassium supplements and my level was 2.7. and doctor told me to go off my medicine. ... (7 replies)
... has she tried prednisone or cortef? Cortef is I think the easiest to take. honestly with my addisons diseas my BP was always low - has the doc tried to find out why the cortisone raises the Bp - IV fluids should bring her salt into ballance and there are ways to lower potassium that a doctor can explain - never heard of a case like this - I'm sorry for your problems. (11 replies)
... He put me on 20 mg. of cortef a day..and things got a lot better. He had me on cortef for 1 year....and said he wanted to wean me..because sometimes the adrenals recover.. and I seemed to be ok... ... (2 replies)
... mad maz, I just posted this info in a reply to someone else. Have the ACTH test done. Make sure they are doing it correctly. Should be done first thing in the morning. Have your sodium & potassium checked. Be sure to get copies of your lab results so you can actually see what they are. You have an adrenal sitting on top of each kidney. Symptoms The symptoms of... (2 replies)
... and measuring the amount of cortisol, and sometimes aldosterone, the adrenals produce in response. ... (7 replies)
... P.s. I was reading some stuff might want to double check with your doctor about the potassium pills. It can be bad if you are getting too much. ... (7 replies)
... You are doing nothing wrong. Your adrenals have simply adjusted to the steroids. Some people are simply more sensitive to them. ... (7 replies)
... well" as my body is wrecked from the Cushing's and taking forever to get help but there have been some that have done well. I never made it back to work after my adrenals were out but I know others that have done pretty well. ... (3 replies)
... art producing on thier own. From what I am reading about how you feel, your body is aching for the cortisol. Are your MD's trying to wean you off in hopes your adrenals will start producing again on thier own? ... (7 replies)
Sep 16, 2002
... Rob, the book "Adrenal Fatigue: 21st century stress syndrome" by James Wilson has some good guidelines on diet and lifestyle changes. Granted it is written for those with less severe manifestations of adrenal deficiency, but nevertheless, the diet and lifestyle advice woudl be pertinient to you as well. Pixie is right that we need to stay hydrated, but I'm not sure of the... (3 replies)
... erally and my sodium is 1 point above the range. You need to look for plain sodium chloride tablets, not the buffered ones as the buffered ones are buffered with potassium and potassium may not be good for you. ... (3 replies)
... ries get the low renin which is an enzyme make in the kidneys. If their renin was at a good level, then their aldosterone would probably be ok since your right, adrenals usually are ok except if they decide to atrophy from lack of renin and acth. I've been seeing low renin in secondaries for several years now, very common. ... (8 replies)
... With the dose you are taking it has shut down your adrenals if that was not a problem in the first place. 30mg daily could be too much for you even if you do have addisons. Could be the reason you feel lousy. ... (6 replies)
Adrenal crisis
Jun 2, 2006
... sodium and potassium levels. ... (3 replies)
... go if the adrenals are not functioning well. You need an endo who is familiar with addisons. Your symptoms could be from your thyroid. Craving salt is another thing. ... (9 replies)
... sodium and potassium levels. ... (8 replies)

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