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Oct 6, 2004
... iciency, and his aldosterone seems to be consistently low. This is one hormone created by the adrenal glands, as you probably know. BUT...his plasma sodium and potassium do NOT look suspicious. His urine sodium, however, was quite high, signaling the salt wasting that comes with adrenal problems. ... (2 replies)
... I have just had more blood tests and in my dr's words there is nothing very exciting to report. I just don't get it, why nothing shows up. I have been ill for so long and have had the MS question mark over my head for years etc. I am sure I have adrenal/thyroid/low blood sugar probs. I got my cortisol levels back (fasting ones) I hadn't eaten all day but had the blood... (5 replies)
... I have asked my normal GP to give me a cortisol test and as I have been having really low blood sugar type symptoms I have asked for fasting glucose too. ... (4 replies)

Aug 18, 2004
... I know what you mean about Timothy's having the test too soon to show the Addison's. I wonder the same thing about Trav. His potassium and sodium and cortisol are all looking fine, so I worry that he is on the way to Addison's, but not quite there. ... (2 replies)
Test Results
Jul 16, 2004
... Well, we still didn't manage to be given the ACTH challenge or stim test. :o( But here are the tests we had that are pertinent to Addison's: AM Cortisol (10:00 a.m., fasting) 12.6 uG/dL Range 2.5 - 22.9 ACTH, Plasma 21 pg/mL Range 6 - 48 PTH, Intact 20 pg/mL Range 12 -65 (don't know... (1 replies)
... Exercise intolerant? OH Yeah!! This is one of the major symptoms. You've got to overcome it, but I imagine it's going to be hard to help a kid get over it. I used to either figure skate or rollerblade every day. But I kept getting in worse and worse condition -- shakey after exercise, sweat pouring off of me (literally -- objects nearby would get soaked), legs hardly... (4 replies)
Adrenal masses
Feb 2, 2004
... Hi and thanks for answering are these conditions treated with medication or surgery do you happen to know. (15 replies)
Adrenal masses
Feb 2, 2004
... Hi, I know of two types of masses found on the adrenals. Some produce cushings disease by producing an excess of cortisol. Swelling is one of the side effects. Others produce excesses of aldosterone. Aldosterone producing masses cause hypertention, sometimes severe. As well as hypokalemia, or loss of potassium, which leads to severe dehydration.. Neither one of these... (15 replies)
... I am seeing an endocrinologist at the end of September for my symptoms. I think my symptoms sound exactly like Addison's. I've had a cortisol blood test, but do not know the results. My problem is that I fear figuring out what is going on may be complicated. ... (2 replies)
... mary. She had me tested again and called me a few days later. Ya know it's not right when the actual doc calls you instead of the nurse. She told me I had low cortisol levels, high potassium levels and to come in to take a ACTH test. I did that last week and am awaiting results. ... (4 replies)

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