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... When I have these 'curveballs' of suddenly feeling like I am going to pass out and then in bed for days...feeling rougher than I usually do, should I have my cortisol checked then? ... (1 replies)
... eel so much better on the right regimen without tons more testing. Just be seeing a knowledgeable hormonal Dr in your area that would start you on a low dose of cortisol for most of the problems you've shared thus far. ... (3 replies)
Addison's Symptoms
Jan 23, 2013
... I have been an Addisonian for over 12 years. I take 25 Cortef a day and more when sick. You have listed almost all of the possible symptoms. she may get most of them or some. She should get a Medic Alert stating: "Adrenal Insufficency NEED STRESS DOSE STEROIDS. Also she should carry Solucortef in her house / car /luggage. Need to know Friends and family should be... (1 replies)

... Two days ago I went in for the ACTH blood doc was concerned with my extremely low BP, fatigue, headaches, dizzyness, concentration loss...among some other things. He ordered the test above, and an MRI....the MRI was done this saturday a.m. results are likely to come in this week for the scans. I'm going to display my results, can someone help me understand... (1 replies)
... Doesn't look like you have an adrenal issue. Your ACTH & cortisol levels are fine.. these would be the two that would clearly indicate adrenal insufficiency. Also, there is usually very low sodium with high potassium. Addisonians tend to excrete sodium and retain potassium. However, low aldosterone levels can contribute to fatigue. Do you crave/enjoy salty foods? Do you... (11 replies)
... a "night owl", skin rashes, intense itching, low serum potassium ongoing, weight gain...more but not going to bother listing all. ... (11 replies)
Addison's Symptoms
Nov 12, 2011
... to an ER in an Addisonian Crisis the ER Physician looked at me and asked what I thought that he should do for her. I managed to suggest that start an IV drip of Cortisol and then to call her Endocrinologist and not necessarily in that order. He started the drip and did not call her Endo. ... (1 replies)
... Hey Everyone, So i'm a 25 year old male who was diagnosed with Addison's Disease and Hypothyroidism about two months ago. was diagnosed based off of Cortisol, ACTH levels and my TSH levels. I've seen on this message board and elsewhere on the internet that diagnosis usually involves an ACTH stimulation test which I haven't had. Should I be asking for the ACTH test to be... (2 replies)
... Hi! Just an update. I got the results of my tests in the mail. The tests in my original post were taken after a 12-hour fasting. There was no fasting for this set of tests, which were taken around 2:30pm. I did have some coffee about 2 hours before. Blood Urea Nitrogen 13 (6 - 23 mg/dL) Sodium 137 (136 - 145 mmol/L) Potassium 3.6... (6 replies)
... I recently had a 24hr urine collection done by an endo to measure my adrenal and thyroid function. When the results came back he told me I was fine. However upon talking to another doctor I know who isn't an endo but does specializes in hormone therapy, told me that I was practically in adrenal failure. Now I am not sure who to believe. Would any of you be willing to look at... (1 replies)
... Have you had your cortisol levels tested yet? ... (4 replies)
... Hello, everyone! I come with yet another request for help analyzing my symptoms and test results. I'm seeing a great doctor who so far seems to be very dedicated, who I'll be seeing again on April 8th, after the last two test results (ADH serum levels and adrenocorticotrophic) arrive. My doctor's hypothesis is adrenal insufficiency, but the latest test results seem to... (9 replies)
... Edit to replace calcium levels with potassium as it is more appropriate. ... (3 replies)
Addison trouble
Jun 19, 2010
... lot lately getting my doctors to give me the acth test to fully diagnose me with Addison's disease. My lab work signals all the signs for Addison's disease high potassium levels with 10 being the highest level I have had. ... (10 replies)
... Im hypothyrid and I keep loosing weight to. Some people just loose weight rather than gain it and I have no idea why. I also have 2 friends who are hypo and they have lost weight to. (3 replies)
... my cortisol was 25.5 and my acth was 41. ... (3 replies)
... even now I will have cortisol levels out of the blue. Addisons disease ran in my family as does many autoimmune diseases. ... (5 replies)
Please help
Jan 13, 2010
... roid it can cause severe problems. I believe that your thyroid problem is coming from your adrenal gland. You need to have your doctor check your aldosterone and cortisol levels. Your doctor also needs to order a ACTH cortisol stimulation test to test for an adrenal insufficiency. ... (6 replies)
... Hi everyone! Thanks for all the great info you have provided here. I am a little frustrated because I am convinced I have something going on with my adrenals/pituitary and feel like my endocriniologists have overlooked the significance of my symptoms and labs over the years. I hope that someone here can please tell me I am not crazy and that I should pursue this further. I... (1 replies)
... postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. My tests came back positive for parasites, not to mention my cortisol levels where extremely high and I was also suffering from adrenal fatigue. I was given Allinia to kill the parasites and a cream to help balance my hormones. ... (20 replies)

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