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... What really throws me off is that my Potassium is low as well. My sodium is even a little high. ... (1 replies)
... make adrenal fatigue worse. ... (4 replies)
... ridden...BUT, it is possible to have varying degrees of adrenal fatigue with Addison's being the worst kind. ... (7 replies)

High potassium
Aug 20, 2010
... So they are sending my results by mail but the ones they were concerned over were my potassium level and my TSH was still low but it has gone up since 3 months ago. ... (10 replies)
... and loss of potassium and magnesium. Magnesium is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. ... (7 replies)
... My potassium level is slightly low on the past few tests...doctors told me to eat more bananas and stuff... ... (7 replies)
... For those of you diagnosed with Addison's, have you always exhibited high potassium and low DHEA as many of the text books describe? ... (1 replies)
... That is why I am low potassium or dehydration indicitve of Addison's or of a more minor form of Adrenal Fatigue? ... (7 replies)
Adrenal Fatigue?
Sep 20, 2006
... sodium and potassium levels. ... (4 replies)
... I'm no Doctor, But like yours self my potassium levels are low also my Vitamin D levels were none existent at one stage MY BP is now very high which use to be low,. ... (7 replies)
... id has quit working so I'm hypo and am on synthroid. I have been trying to get my answers for so long. I know there's an answer. There has to be an answer why my potassium went to a 2.7 with squeezing chest pain and how it dropped in 5 hours from a 4. ... (7 replies)
... g. If you have the salt cravings and your MD checks your sodium and potassium, he is probably checking to make sure you are getting enough sodium, and that your potassium is not getting high. ... (7 replies)
... Sco24, how's your blood pressure? Have you had your sodium/potassium checked lately? I'm not so sure about secondary AI, but for primary AI, salt supplementation is very helpful. We avoided salt in our household for 30 years because most people get too much in our culture. A good way to know if you're getting enough or too much is from your BP (a pretty instant measure) and... (4 replies)
... I would suggest that you keep seeing endo docs until you find one that's "enlightened." Watch out for the Gatorade. Check out the potassium levels on the bottle. I read on other health websites that potassium can interfere with salt retention. This could be a sign of aldosterone insufficiency. ... (2 replies)
... Any particular reason why you are trying to treat yourself with a book instead of going to a doctor? That can be dangerous with adrenals... they are necessary for life. I do know it takes a lot to get attention - but are your symptoms gaining or losing weight? You do seem more on the high side than low - pointing more towards Cushing's than insuffiency. It could be cyclical.... (6 replies)
... Dial, Late chimer-inner here. I believe you definitely have an adrenal problem - although you may have other, unrelated problems also. Will your naturopath RX you low-dose hydrocortisone to give you any relief? I won't go into my long health history, but recently I have confirmed very low adrenal function via a saliva test done 4x throughout the day - all way below... (88 replies)
... ms. But this is my first summer in the Southwest, and I know the sun is strong here, so I just don't know if I am reading into things. I feel I fit the adrenal fatigue profile better than the Addison's, but the tanning bothers me. I had my electrolytes tested a while back and they were normal. ... (8 replies)
... No doctor has ever said that people with adrenal fatigue or Addisons ever become bed ridden. People with Addisons live life just fine as long as they take they're meds and see a doctor regularly. ... (7 replies)
High potassium
Aug 26, 2010
... We could be twins! I had many of the symptoms you desribed before I was diagnosed with Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency. I do not Addison's Disease - my adrenal glands work fine - however, my pituitary gland was damaged when I lost a significant amount of blood after my last c-section (I have had 3). The technical term for my "disease" is Sheehan's Syndrome. I also have... (10 replies)
Muscle Fatigue?
Jul 21, 2010
... How is your sodium and potassium levels? ... (4 replies)

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