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... My cardio was certain I had POTS.. and then it turned out to be secondary hypothyroid, adrenal insufficiency, and Hashimoto's thyroiditis. ... (27 replies)
... ng everythign that was going on and I told him about all this dizziness stuff, his first thought was Addison's. So we did a little testing and yep, little to no adrenal function. So onto the prednisone. Guess what... ... (13 replies)
... orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. My tests came back positive for parasites, not to mention my cortisol levels where extremely high and I was also suffering from adrenal fatigue. I was given Allinia to kill the parasites and a cream to help balance my hormones. I was also given proboscis and told to take colostrums. ... (20 replies)

... rarely even get out to SEE a Dr which sux. I know i need to be working with them regularly, and just cant do it as i can't be out for that long. I almost had an adrenal crisis back in feb just from going to a dr's appointment in the middle of the day. ... (20 replies)
... I really feel for you, and am praying for you. How hard it must be, especially since you have children. I am scheduled to get tests TOMORROW finally, for adrenal insufficiency. I was supposed to get them last week, but everything with the doctors is taking longer than expected. ... (13 replies)
... It wouldn't hurt to get them to look at the adrenal function and pituitary function while they are at it. The WHOLE endocrine system is tricky and dependent on each other. When one thing goes bad.. ... (27 replies)
... They ran the tests and have put him on Catapress and Libiterol. They feel he may have a problem with his Autonomic nervous system which is basically what POTS is considered. ... (85 replies)
... al on the 9th for the metryopone test and I ended up in the hospital for 11 days. I ended up being ambulanced to the Mayo Clinic on day 8 and was diagnosed with POTS 3 days later. I guess only . ... (85 replies)
... I will ask my Cardiologist to wrap up the adrenal function testing. Thanks for your help. ... (12 replies)
... Just thought I would post to say that I too have been diagnosed with POTS after a TTT that made my heart rate increase 40bpm upon standing. ... (85 replies)
... it is just a question of what exactly they are doing. Has anyone done any MRI or CT imaging of your adrenal glands recently? ... (13 replies)
... said that the metryopone test came back normal. Well, I got a letter yesterday and an appointment today and the final test results came back that it is primary adrenal insufficiency. ... (13 replies)
... When I got to Mayo, they reran the cortisol test and the cosytropin tests. Both came back low, but they feel that my adrenal function is there. Today is my last day on prednisone!!!!! ... (85 replies)
... Something is not right here. You can get fatigue from to much steriods, where your muscles atrophy, I can't think of the name right this minute. Look it up. Or, you need to change your prednisone, or be checked for POTS, or Hypothyroidism. Are you sure you are not Cushing from all the steriods? That can happen too. I get the feeling it isn't the HC that isn't working for you,... (20 replies)
... This could account for his letargy and fatigue. But to test out the theory of whether he has adrenal problems, ask for an ACTH stim test, and to have renin and aldosterone levels measured by blood test. So sorry to hear about your son. ... (8 replies)
... day. Now the doctor is suggesting POTS or disautonomia for him, or secondary adrenal insufficiency, stemming from pituitary or Hypothalamus problems. Hope this answers your questions. Thanks for answering MY post! ... (11 replies)
... Yes, I definitely think I do have a yeast problem going on as well as the adrenal problems, or maybe the yeast is the causative factor, I'm not sure. ... (13 replies)
... Hi, I just found this board and am praying that somebody can shed some light on my situation. I have had Lyme and Babesia for 18yrs. With no explantion from my gyn, I stopped producing estrogen and progesterone at age 38 and had to go on hormones. I now see a wonderful LLMD, but prior to this Dr. I had a 24hr urine with so many abnormal results that 4 Dr.'s threw their... (3 replies)
... I know of others with POTS and cyclical Cushing's - so it is not an impossible combo but not a common one. I still have a bit of it now with my BP dropping still... Restrictions on this board mean I cannot direct you to other boards or people... crud... (21 replies)
... wow! I keep asking my doctors to lower my cortison so I could be free of this med, but the dogs say no. They say I'm a complicated case and not to change any of mymeds. This really bums me out becaus I'm getting fatter and feel like I'm prolonging the day when I can be normal. Did any of you have dysautonomia with this or symptoms it or pots? Thanks for all of you help... (21 replies)

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