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... I have had adrenal insuffiency for a few years, have been on 20 mg. of cortef a day. Dr. tried to ween me down last fall...but that was not good...levels fell greatly...from 30 down to 13 as of when he tested me...and that was not fun... Now Dr. had me go for a sodium and pottasium (sp. wrong!) test today...why??? I do crave salt...feel really tired, droopy if I don't eat... (3 replies)
... all of which came back normal expect cortisol levels which were very low. We have been booked in again next week to have this checked again along with salt, pottasium etc.She has symptons of headaches, lethergic, dizziness and also like salt! ... (1 replies)
... I have hyperthyroidism, have been for at least 8 years now and diagnosed an d treated for 5. However I have always had alot of opposite symptoms and have wondered lately if it could be a secondary condition causing it such as addisons or hypopituitaryism maybe. Well, I have the fatigue, muscle aches in my upper back and neck mainly, headaches alot more than I used to have,... (5 replies)

... I have back problems...and the pain mgmt. dr. said that as well as some other problems I have spinal arthritis..facet joint arthritis...and that the back/leg etc pain was from that...So they basically go in an kind of burn the nerves at the facet joints...supposed to kill off the pain signals to your brain. I'm still waiting for them to stop working//die. Guess I am doing... (7 replies)
... Thank you for your replies...I have secondary insuffiency.. caused by prednisone ....nasty stuff... Dr. had tried to wean me last Sept. He had me going down 5 mg. but it brought all of the symptoms right back. He said in Jan. that he wanted to try to wean me in May...have an aptt. on 6/1. But, I don't think that is going to happen. Right now, I am holding on by my... (3 replies)
... This same thing happened to me about a month ago when they tried to wean me from 30 to 20 mg of cortef. I had horrible symptoms and I was not feeling well at all, and had all the salt cravings. They put my dosage back where it was, and now I am fine. I did not pass out but had a very hard time keeping equilibrium and I was so tired and grouchy all the time. I learned from... (3 replies)
... Primary or secondary adrenal insufficiency? If primary, you should perhaps also be on fludrocortisone (Florinef). Salt cravings, Na/K imbalance, low blood pressure & gray-outs... you mention 3 of those 4 which point to primary AI and possible need for Florinef to support that issue. This sounds like what your Dr. is checking for. If he/she doesn't bring that medication up in... (3 replies)
... ork her cortisol level was 1.5 which they said normal was 5, her white blood count is high, hgb is high, hct is high, plt is high, mpv is low, magnesium is high, pottasium is low, glucose is somewhat high, free t4 is high.... ... (6 replies)
... You really need to see an endo and get the correct tests. I was misdiagnosed for years and had all the symptoms you are having! The only thing that would come up on a blood test, possibly, is the higher levels of sodium and decreased levels of pottasium. After I was diagnosed, from an addisonian crisis that led me to the emergency room, an amazing doctor diagnosed me on the... (14 replies)

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