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DHEA and Addison's
May 24, 2004
... I have adrenal disease. I have read the posts here, particulary by Chris in St. Louis and found them very helpful. I take DHEA, thyroid, and prednisone. ... (14 replies)
DHEA and Addison's
Jun 15, 2004
... There's no feedback from DHEA levels, right? ... (14 replies)
... stopped because I was taking so many meds and supplements, and just felt like I needed to cut some things out. However, I've been reading about DHEA, and this clearly is one that I should not have cut out, so I'm back on it. ... (13 replies)

... I know this is kind of anold thread so not sure if you will see it, but i keep reading in these forums and everytime i look up at the name because this person sounds like ME I see your name. We have so many things in common. ... (15 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Addison's about 10 years ago. It took the docs many years to figure out whats I had. I am on two different types of steroids, Prednisone and Flurinef to keep my blood pressure up. ... (4 replies)
... and dehydration. 16 bags of saline later and a short hospital stay I was feeling better and released. I also have Hashimoto's Hypothyroid. My family has a history of many endocrine problems. I am presently taking 5mg. of prednisone and 0. ... (6 replies)
DHEA and Addison's
Jun 15, 2004
... Yep, you got it right. DHEA does not have a feedback loop, the body seems to rely on cortisol for that. And yes, taking prednisone will cut off your DHEA supply and produce a deficiency. ... (14 replies)
... Hi, I'm new here and hoping someone can give me some insight. ... (0 replies)
... I was using the hydrocortisone cream with the prednisone last week and I really did feel better. After about 4 days, MY CAT WENT HALF BALD. ... (4 replies)
... Your son has really been through it and I've never dealt with a situation like his before. ... (12 replies)
... My dosing has fluctuated a lot in the past few years, as I'm trying to arrive upon the right "fit". As I mentioned in previous post, I've had a lot of emotional and financial stress in the past couple of years. ... (13 replies)
... Actually if you take replacement doses of prednisone or hydrocortisone then your body doesn't produce ATCH and can't make cortisol or DHEA. There is no need to get your levels checked on replacement doses, because your DHEA is guaranteed to be zero. ... (17 replies)
... Anyone with Addison's like your son should be taking DHEA as well because once the adrenals are shut down by taking replacement cortisol this important hormone is also cut off. ... (17 replies)
... mg of hydrocortisone is a tiny dose. Well below full replacement and very low for even a mild deficiency. ... (4 replies)
... has had 4 miscarriages. She had levels checked and it came back with high DHEA. Not just a little high, but very elevated. They put her on prednisone to help. She isn't getting answers why. They just said maybe stress. She has irregular cycles too. ... (6 replies)
... and more than anyone that I know with addisons. That is a tremendous amount of meds. I think your also on a very high amount of prednisone too though. Dont quote me on that though as I have never taken pred. I take dexamethesone. I too have had this for almost 28 years I am thirty now. ... (4 replies)
... it is true, if the Dr won't listen, then find another who will. And they are out there! ... (4 replies)
... I take 200 levoxyl for my thyroid, 5 prednisone and 1 of fludrocotrosone and 25 dhea a day. I feel like my old self again for the most part. I have gained 10 pounds back from when I was diagnosed and have stablized there for the most part. ... (4 replies)
... I just don't want anyone else thinking that this was a good idea and doing it to themselves. ... (4 replies)
... esis of all steroid hormones. It is synthesized inside the mitochondria, the tiny "power plants" found in each cell. Pregnenolone is synthesized from cholesterol and is a precursor for the biosynthesis of steroid hormones. ... (18 replies)

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