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... ar. I have been taking Predisone to try to balance me out. Anyway...Since the start of taking this medication I have gained 15 pounds and am now at my heaviest weight ever. My diet has not changed except a little added sugar due to massive cravings. I have even had to go buy new pants! How awful a feeling is that? ... (4 replies)
... So my new rheumy saw how bad I was and started me right on 40 mg prednisone daily. ... (2 replies)
... didn't seem to be enough and I increased the dose gaining about 13 pounds in a month and the salt cravings are severe. My endo has now changed my med's to 5mg prednisone in the am and 2. ... (6 replies)

... I experienced the weight gain because when first diagnosed I was put on the max amount of hydrocortisone. About 40 lbs. ... (6 replies)
... l guess there are many of us in the same boat! l've been on Prednisone for 7 months, and have gained almost 10 lbs. ... (4 replies)
... have been on 5mg prednisone or 20mg hydrocortisone for a long time. ... (3 replies)
... Yea weight has always been an issue, either too thin or too chubby. ... (4 replies)
... Nebraska Lady, The docs read in the text book that we should have 30mg a day. That is what they started me on....45 pounds later I learned from people on addisons forums that the max dose of 30mg might cause weight gain & a puffy face. My endo should have cut my dose when he saw how much I had gained. Anyway I tapered myself slowly by 2.5mg at a time with a couple weeks in... (5 replies)
... lbs by Christmas. After going through some life altering events, I decided to taper my Cortef with the support of my endo. The less Cortef I took, the more the weight came off. I also started exercising intensly. ... (4 replies)
... guys may name is Marie and I have had addisons for 3 years and have ran the gambet of weight. When I strated this whole thing I was a nice 140 5'8" tall. I now weight 165 and that is the fatest I have ever been. i have not been able to work for the past 3 years due to complicatons and not handling stress verywell. ... (4 replies)
... was 17 years old. Since then I have been on 30mg of Cortison a day, Florinef .75mg a day, and synthroid everyday for my hypothyroidism. I have gained a lot of weight too and I have no idea how to lose it. I have been going to Curves for four months at least three times a week and I have not lost a pound. ... (4 replies)
... all puffy with fluid to the point that my skin really hurt. after a few weeks it started to get better. to tell the truth, cortef is a heck of a lot better than prednisone in terms of water weight. ... (8 replies)
Weight GAIN
Aug 27, 2007
... I have primary addisons, and have gained 25 pounds in 3 months (only in my case, that's a good thing). I'm still taking prednisone ( 5 mg), about to switch to cortisol so we'll see what happens. I've started exercising which I haven't been able to do in a year, and that makes me feel much better about my changing body. do you have a good endocrinologist in Florida? I'm... (6 replies)
... to avoid side effects like muscle weakness, jt pain, weight gain and osteoporosis. It is easier to start lower and work up than vice versa. ... (5 replies)
... mg prednisone all at once every day would certainly give me anxiety. I have forgotten if there is a good reason you are on twice the amount of prednisone most of us would take. You are getting a BIG hit of cortisol all at once. When first diagnosed I was put on 7.5mg prednisone. The max dose. ... (16 replies)
... Weight gain is typically one of the side effects of steroids. I lost 30 pounds before I was diagnosed with hypopituitarism, and have gained 50 since I was put on Cortef. ... (1 replies)
... I have bounced between Prednisone and Hydrocortisone for years. Once I start retaining water and swelling from water weight, the endo switches me back to the other. ... (4 replies)
... I am a 47 year old female and have had Addison's for about 15 years now. My regular dose of prednisone is 5mg am and 2.5 mg pm. I also take Florinef, I think .5 mg daily. ... (4 replies)
... I'm an American citizen, but I currently live in Ecuador. I have found an excellent doctor here who today mentioned that my regular dose of Dexamethazone could be causing some other side effects I'm fighting (edema, low bone density). He suggested changing to deflazacort. It's not available in the US, and my research tells me that's because of political and money issues,... (0 replies)
... to treat Addison's disease and am now looking for a longer term plan. I feel great on the prednisone but have heard it can have ill effects in the long term. Does anyone have any recommendations? ... (7 replies)

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