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... Hi, I was recently diagnosed with secondary adrenal insufficiency from hypopituitarism and I fully understand how you feel. I'm struggling with adjustments of meds myself. My endo has me on prednisone, 5 mg morning and 2.5 late afternoon, but some days I know it's too much. I retain water, flushed face, etc. So then I try to skip the half-pill and my heart gets erratic,... (5 replies)
... Hello- I'm brand new to this forum. I have adrenal antibodies, hashimoto's, celiac disease, a saliva test for adrenals showed depressed all levels. So pretty much, my adrenals are failing big time. I have been to doctor to doctor for the past few years. Many focused on thyroid - many combos, increasing/decreasing etc. but I never felt better. I realized that I needed... (5 replies)
... ng, but I think you should listen to your body, which is clearly telling you that what you are doing is NOT working! I very much question why you are taking both Prednisone and Hydrocortisone, too. Seems like overkill. And it seems like you should be on Fludrocortisone, as well. Perhaps you need a second opinion? ... (4 replies)

... I was diagnosed with Addison's about 10 years ago. It took the docs many years to figure out whats I had. I am on two different types of steroids, Prednisone and Flurinef to keep my blood pressure up. ... (4 replies)
... I agree with Reemu, Hyrdocortisone is much preferrable to Prednisone for treating Addison's. You should probably also be on Fludrocortisone. However, I think you're right, and what's going on with you is much more than Addison's. ... (12 replies)
... dies are sky high, but my levels are normal. I have a pituitary adenoma but am told that is just a coincidence. My vitamin D is exceptionally low. I'm on 10mg of prednisone but I still am so incredibly tired. I saw my gp today and my resting pulse was 140. My endo dr. ... (12 replies)
... Honestly not yet. I've tried many things though. DHEA, Prednisone, Pregnenalone and now Adrenal Extract. I finally found a doctor in my area that believes in adrenal fatigue and is treating me for it. He is confident that I need adrenal support, which is great to finally hear. He says that he's seen it before and he is confident that he can help. I saw him 1.5 weeks ago and I... (16 replies)
... be starting cytomel next week after seeing the naturopathic dr. I ordered isocort online and feel a little funny about taking it but i think i need it. I took prednisone last year for "Lupus" and it made me feel like my old self again. something i have not felt in eons! I hope cytomel makes even a smiggen of a difference. ... (15 replies)
... Hello again. I again agree with MJ. A primary should be on hydrocortisone, not prednisone and if you had a bad reaction, you were on too high of a dose and you were experiencing steroid psychosis. ... (8 replies)
... Well, you are the first person I heard speak of the effects of HC etc in this respect. I had similar trouble with my trial of HC. You can read my posts on the dificulty I had on it and the problems when I quit. Unfortunately, I had not read much on the neuropsychiatric efffects of steroids. I am prone to mood/affect difficulties, which did improve with thyroid med... (4 replies)
... May have a problem with things like Prednisone though.. i had a trial of it about 5 years ago to see if it would help my CFS, just for a few days. ... (4 replies)
... mg of prednisone a day. This is a SMALL dosage of steriods. It is also quickly metabolised and put to work. ... (4 replies)
... hi well i have addisons so i need meds but it was the prenisone for me which caused panic attacks since i swithched to hc panic attacks 100 per cent better but my problem is it dont last as long as pre bad withdrawel from prednisone joint pain bad fatigue but i am going to try and stick with hc i have no choice (12 replies)
... What are these doctors thinking with the methy...and prednisone. They suck. My opinon and kills your kidneys. Cortisone and Fluidrocortisone(similar to florinef) is the only thing that helped me any. I started with pred and effect whatsoever except an upset stomach. Then I went to a differnt endocrinologist who actually knew a little about those drugs and I would... (12 replies)
... hi i am new here but i know where your coming from i have addisons and being on prednisone for 5yrs have just switched to hc and am having problems when i take hc 15mg mornings it feels i have not taken anything joints so bad no energy dont know what i should do at the moment as prenisone cause me problems and my doctor dont know anything (12 replies)
... thanks for the info, if i go one day without my prednisone, my bp goes way down it has been as low as 40/30, time for a hospital trip. i have tried to go off of it, but my bp always goes down. (21 replies)
... I have secondary adrenal insufficiency and can't get off prednisone. Who is your doc at UPenn? Do you like? (21 replies)
... I had similar blood tests but my message (see my posting from Mfleisch) indicate that is was worth the risk for me, if you are willing, to lower and eventually eliminate the steroids. The doctor at Mayo suggested that when and if if I started to get ill symtons from the pituitary malfunction to begin the steroids again. The only symptom I got was a temporary week or two of... (21 replies)
... I will give you more food for thought, all of which disagrees the other poster. A replacement dose or hydrocortisone (short acting) is at least 25 mg and Medrol (long acting) lasts a lot longer than hydrocortisone. Do the research and you'll see the other poster has it wrong about HC lasting longer than Medrol. Medrol is much stonger, lasts much longer. I haven't seen... (7 replies)
... I will give you more food for thought, some of which agrees, some of which sort of disagrees (respectfully) the other poster, and why. A replacement dose is usually around 20mg of hydrocortisone. Hydrocortisone lasts around 6-8 hours. Medrol, on the other hand, only lasts 2.4 to 3.5 hours so I am not sure that is an advantage. When comparing steroids - you always have to... (7 replies)

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