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... I have been researching these and the more I learn the more I keep mixing them up and getting confused. I am trying to figure out dosage for each of them for low cortisol.... I fit ALLLLLL of the symptoms, but when I had the acth test done it was normal. Plus I eat a ton of salt, which I told them that. I asked them to check "whatever" gives the adrenal gland what it needs and... (1 replies)
Newbie here
Mar 2, 2007
... n the latter case, your thyroid and growth hormone can also fail, so you should be tested for all that. If you have Addison's, you will not be able to go off the prednisone for the rest of your life, as your body needs the steroids for replacement of the hormones your adrenals are not producing. ... (2 replies)
... After some trial and error with meds, he is on 5mg Cortef and 5 mg Prednisone in the morning and 10mg Cortef in the evening. Does this sound reasonable? ... (12 replies)

... If you receive an early diagnosis of Addison's disease, treatment may involve taking prescription corticosteroids. Because your body isn't producing sufficient steroid hormones, your doctor may have you take one or more hormones to replace the deficiency. Cortisol is replaced using hydrocortisone (Cortef), prednisone or cortisone. Fludrocortisone (Florinef) replaces... (3 replies)
Low cortisol
Jan 16, 2007
... Was the prednisone in addition to the Cortef? ... (12 replies)
Low cortisol
Jan 16, 2007
... I am taking 20mg of cortef ( I quit taking the prednisone).125mg levothroid, and .1mg of florinef...and now paxil for anxiety. I am gatting fat, tired, sore and have no energy. I have never had my testosterone checked or mentioned...and I have never been told anything about protein...just salt, and I am sure I get plenty of that...I eat salt!! see why I feel lost??? thanks... (12 replies)
Low cortisol
Jan 15, 2007
... I don't want to sound like a downer.. but I'm currently on 15mg of cortef and I've yet to feel good enough to exercise, although my problem that causes my adrenal insufficiency may be something more like heavy metal poisoning(we are soon going to test), but I don't know. All I know is I have low testosterone, low cortisol(among a couple other things), and I'm on 15mg of... (12 replies)
Low cortisol
Jan 14, 2007
... I'm not certain if they did the ATCH test or not. I don't think so. All i know is they did the blood work and saliva test. The reason for his other prednisone injections was for sinus/allergy like symtpoms. He's now gone to a new doctor with his results from the blood test and saliva test. The doctor went over all the results. He came back with low cortisol, adrenal... (12 replies)
... Well, I notice when I'm low on cortisol I am fatigued but I can't sleep, when I raised my cortef to 20mg I sleep all the time but wake up tired still usually. Yeah I seem to be gaining weight easily now. I've never been overweight but everyone says it looks like I'm bigger, like I've been working out (my face is just more full and my weight gain is more proportionate than... (18 replies)
... Are you taking thyroid meds? How did the TSH go from 7 to 1-2? It should be under 2. If you aren't feeling better on 20mg versus 12.5mg, you could try Hydrocortisone to see if you feel better on it. Adrenal problems require experimenting to find what works best for you. You have to be the "driver", getting the doc to OK what you want to try. Did you have a cold... (18 replies)
... They said you had addison's? Is addison's and adrenal insufficiency the same thing? I always thought Addison's was when you had little to no function of the adrenal glands and just adrenal insufficiency was when when it was a minor problem. So they diagnosed you with addison's and said you'd be on it for the rest of your life for sure?... Hmm, that's unfortunate.. My test... (13 replies)
... I wonder what would suggest to your doctor that your adrenals should work again. 20 years is a very long time to be taking prednisone even for short periods. ... (3 replies)
... I was diagnosed with secondary Addison's three years ago due to hypopituitarism. I have been on Cortef since then, 15 mg in the morning and 5 in the evening. I had lost 30 pounds by the time I was diagnosed, and I gained all that back plus 10 pounds more. I have some friends with Addison's who are on prednisone, and they gained more weight -- by far -- than I did. (I should... (13 replies)
... Well, Wanda, I took your advice. Today was the first day of my meds. I broke one of the tablets in half and took 3.75mg prednisone in the morning. It took about an hour and a half before I started feeling better. Nothing really remarkable, but I just kept going all day. ... (2 replies)
... ust kept coming I want a second opinion as to whether I really have adisions or NOT. I don't want to take the CORTEF and gain a ton of weight, I heard prednisone can make you gain a TON of weight....PLEASE HELP ME, those that are on CORTEF please let me know your thoughts. ... (13 replies)
... No, I understand. Thanks for your advice though! :) Nope, I didn't see the results. I'm having them sent to my new PCP, so I'll ask for them when I get to that appt in 2 weeks. The only symptoms I have besides fatigue is a stiff/sore neck (in the back). This started the same time the fatigue did. I also crave sugar/salt (8 replies)
... I'm not a doctor, so my opinions are just "opinions". You still need to rule out adrenal problems if you have any of the symptoms. Are you having symptoms other than being tired? Did you actually see the results of your thyroid check? We are often told things are normal when they are not. Good idea to get copies when you have bloodwork done so you can refer back to... (8 replies)
... :confused: :( Great.... Yeah, the blood work for my TSH and t3/t4 came back normal. (8 replies)
... That would be my opinion. Have you had your thyroid checked? What is yout TSH level? (8 replies)
... Yup. It was tapered off in the end. So, what your saying is, if this was an adrenal issue, I should have felt better on this med? This has me worried then.... (8 replies)

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