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... Sage, We must be "very" careful listening to doctors advice. Especially about addisons. They can do us more harm than good at times. The more forums you can find to discuss things with others is the best thing you can do for yourself. Experience is so much better than what a doc has read in a book & forgotten most of what was read. On a 20mg replacement your adrenals... (13 replies)
... mg. of cortef all at once in the morning. My endro. Dr. said that I have mild adrenal insuffiency. We believe that the insuffiency occured because I had been on prednisone for a few years, due to Fibromyalgia.... ... (13 replies)
... sending the right signal to pituitary. There may be a pituitary tumor. Finally, the HPA axis may be suppressed due to sustained therapeutic use of steroids like prednisone which is given to those with chronic inflammation of various kinds. Asthmatics sometimes get in this situation. ... (8 replies)

... Those aren't even the same DHEA tests, but yeah, your DHEA may have gone down some since cortisol replacement suppesses ACTH and ACTH is what regulates DHEA. If you stopped the prednisone before November I would expect you DHEA to be back to where it was, but if your AI is secondary, then after cortisol replacement is ended, your ACTH could end up being even lower then... (5 replies)
... bloodwork to the first post. I was on Prednisone in October, do you think that would lower my DHEA that much? ... (5 replies)
... Hi Kevin. I know something about your tests, so I'd like to give my opinion. HDL cholesterol (a hormone) is a good indicator of sex hormone levels. If total testosterone is low, free testosterone will be low (this is true I'd say at least 96% of the time. What time were your tests and did you take the androgel the morning of the tests? Androgel doesn't help most... (5 replies)
... e back normal,I will only post anything relevent or not normal here. In January 05 I had 2 pretty bad chest infections in a row. Had antibiotics and a course of prednisone which did nothing basically. Stopped Androgel a month before. I was scared of sterility was afraid of hormone thearapy. Probably a mistake. ... (5 replies)
... mg of cortef would blow me up like the prednisone used to. ... (15 replies)
... low points of it, if I do something outside of my daily norm...and realize that I need some kind of extra dosing when i have surgery etc. Because I had been on prednisone for a couple of years, when I had surgery a few times, the Drs. gave me extra before surgery, and I always felt great afterwards. ... (9 replies)
... Thank you Tracy & Wanda for your replies.. Have been taking cortef 20 mg. once a day at 8 a.m. I've been on them just over a week now....think I feel more energy. I've been doing stuff I've put off "till later", so I guess I am feeling a bit more lively. ( I also have a back problem, and had several epidurals, more cortisone. Was hoping the cortef would help the back,... (9 replies)
Sep 16, 2005
... I have been diagnosed with Addison's disease now for about 7 months. I take 5mg of Prednisone in the morning and 2.5 at night along with .1mg of Florinef a day... ... (1 replies)
... I too have had Addisson's for 10 years diagnosed, probably for years prior. I am 6'5" and weigh 182 NOW, when I took what the first (hospital doc,) prescribed I gained massive weight, puffy weight, and went up to 225lbs!! I found a good endo, who explained that many endos just go with what the book says....HE on the other hand believes that it is up to the patient to... (5 replies)
Abdominal pain
Aug 13, 2005
... Jennifer, You could try Hydrocortisone. It is like most like normal cortisol. I much prefer it over Cortef. It is not a good idea to switch from 10mg to 30mg. This is probably why you are having problems. Best to take the same amount daily. Are you splitting your dose? No need to be afraid of prednisone. If you don't take more than you should there should be no... (7 replies)
Abdominal pain
Aug 9, 2005
... WANDAB, This is under Endo supervision. Cortef and I do not get along very well but I'm petrified of using prednisone. So I usually take 20mg per day, because if I take 30mg I can't sleep and I'm absolutely restless. If I'm having a lazy day I only take 10mg. It's been working for a year now, not sure that it would flump up now. Jennifer (7 replies)
... with hydro. However, no matter what I do I ALWAYS crash when I take my thyroid meds. It's as if the hydro has little or no impact on me. I've also tried prednisone with the same results. Someone on the thyroid board suggested I try increasing my hydro for about a week every time I increase my thyroid meds. ... (11 replies)
... Jen & Lisa ~ It's been rather quiet here, just thought I would check in and also give you a little update. Jen ~ I hope that the meds they started yo on for MS are continuing to give you some relief. Please give us an update so we know how you are doing. Lisa ~ You sounded quite miserable last time you posted. How is your BP doing without the evening Naldalol??? I was... (85 replies)
... made cortisol in the form of, most commonly, prednisone or hydrocortisone. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Leslie, Wow, it sounds like you feel miserable right now and need some help, quick! I am sorry no one responded sooner to your post. Your symptoms and high potassium would certainly warrant a workup for Addison's disease. Do you have a doctor who will work with you? If not, I would head straight to an endocrinologist and ask for a full workup, including... (1 replies)
... ng to rid the acne, nothing works. I am extremely thin and tired and just plain sick of being misdiagnosed. I am considering asking my gastro doctor to put me on prednisone to see , if anything changes in my health. ... (1 replies)
... For the past year I have been having symptoms like: headaches, lightheaded, nausea at times, stomach issues, cant gain muscle and feel real week at times, cant concentrate, muscle aches,agitated, no motivation, chills, oral temp is around 94-95.0 F. My symptoms continue to get worse. My endo has tested my thyroid and everything comes back normal, however l do have a nodule in... (5 replies)

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