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... he adrenals to work harder, then get exhausted, then because they aren't producing enough cortisol, I get more allergies. I have been prescribed short course of prednisone in the past. When on it, I felt like a million bucks. I also have been using a steroid nosespray for years now. ... (8 replies)
... Wow Jen!!! Your story sounds EXACTLY what I am going through!!!!! They have me diagnosed with both Addison's, POTS and RSD (in both my right elbow and the back of my head). I honestly couldn't believe reading your post...Almost word for word what I went through. At this point, I am on TONS of medication. Here is what I am on: * Nadolol - For the rapid heartrate that... (85 replies)
... Hello Wanda B, I wanted to respond to your message. I have adrenal insufficiency. My adrenals are still working, just below normal function. That is why I was wondering why put my stress on them by taking thyroid first in am rather than the cortef? I did take hydrocortisone for several years, however, having now tried cortef, I find the cortef feels stronger (at same... (3 replies)

... I also take my thyroid before other meds, about 5am, an hour or so before first dose of steriods. If you have adrenal insufficiency/addisons it should not cause a problem as your adrenals aren't working anyway or won't be soon. I keep water, my thyroid pill & first dose of steriod on the nightstand. Since you are finding it hard to get up in the morning you might try... (3 replies)
... on prednisone so I would hope he has some positive change. ... (85 replies)
... Hi Kelley, Wow! You have kept a close eye on your friend and her blood work. I didn't know anything about the drug she was on, so I looked it up. The list below is from an NIH website for Megestrol. And Good Lord-she is FAR from nuts-she has some big issues going on here. I am glad she is hopefully going to be able to see an endo soon-she needs a professional opinion... (6 replies)
... Hi Sadie, They have told her she has adrenal insufficiency and think she may have other problems (endocrine)....they are not really doctor says one thing and the another says something else....they got her blood pressure somewhat controlled its 165/80 but when she sits it gets higher , and when she stands it gets even higher....but they have her on three bp... (6 replies)
... No big news on my brother.....hopefully the prednisone is doing itīs job. Heartland....youīre sense of humor is always intact.....of course I meant the left and believe it or not I am use to the meds now...feel as if they donīt even affect me in a bad way anymore...must be the vacation and relaxing effects :bouncing: Tom caught a 89 inch sailfish and 4 ft barracuda :D... (85 replies)
... Just checked my email and it seems that there is a slight improvement in the pericarditis my brother has but not what they had hoped. They are putting him on prednisone hoping that it will resolve some..... ... (85 replies)
... sending the right signal to pituitary. There may be a pituitary tumor. Finally, the HPA axis may be suppressed due to sustained therapeutic use of steroids like prednisone which is given to those with chronic inflammation of various kinds. Asthmatics sometimes get in this situation. ... (10 replies)
... Katalina, I had had severe pain for several hours and when I went to the doc, he sent me right to the hospital. I don't remember what tests they might have done, this was over 30 years ago, but they said I had acute appendicitis and scheduled me for an emergency appendectomy. After the surgery is when they told me it had been gangrene and wrapped partially around my uterus. I... (13 replies)
... Lisa, Thanks so much for explaining your story to me. Reading your background on POTS and dizziness and your history in general was was almost EXACTLY like mine. I too got sick in 2003, at the age of almost 29, and my first sign of illness was a major vertigo attack. I too searched for answers from multiple neurologists before finally being referred to the Mayo... (13 replies)
... tcnj mom, A gangrene appendix!!? Wow. I've never heard of anything like that happening. How scary. How did you get diagnosed with that and did they ever tell you exactly what it was caused by? I'm assuming that you probably had some sort of pain or discomfort in the region of your appendix and that they gave you an x-ray, but I'd love to know the story of how you discovered... (13 replies)
... How does everyone deal with having POTS? I have Addison's Disease, but recently when I went into hospital I noticed that my pulse was in the 70's sitting, and it jumped as high as 147bpm just by me standing up. I have a weird pressure behind my eye, and numbness and tingling in my left hand, tremors in right and I keep getting cramps in my back and feet. I could stand up for... (13 replies)
... Katalina, I'm glad you were taking acidophillus and probiotics, they should have at least kept the problem to a minimum. About five years prior to be diagnosed with autoimmune Addison's Disease, I had a gangrene appendix removed. I don't know if gangrene is the same as yeast (I always thought gangrene was like a mold but I don't know for sure), but I have always assumed... (13 replies)
... Hi Sadie & Lisa.....My brother 2 years ago had black out spells and was hospitalized for almost 2 months. Everytime he stood up he would pass out. He had a tilt table test which showed the worst positive results the cardiologist and neurologist had ever seen. They diagnosed him with a form of POTS that they had never seen. He was released on lopressor and changed to... (13 replies)
... tcnj mom, Yes, I definitely think I do have a yeast problem going on as well as the adrenal problems, or maybe the yeast is the causative factor, I'm not sure. Either way, I'm still awaiting testing, and if nothing is found, I'm going to work closely with the WONDERFUL naturopath that I've found to get control of the yeast problem. I never did take diflucan or an antifungal... (13 replies)
... Katalina, your mention of massive antibiotics has me wondering if you might have a yeast situation going on. Yeast can get a foothold during antibiotic treatments and can present like chronic fatigue/adrenal problems. Did you take diflucan or another antifungal after the antibiotics? Maybe you should, it might help your symptoms if nothing else is found. (13 replies)
... Lisa, I really feel for you, and am praying for you. How hard it must be, especially since you have children. I am scheduled to get tests TOMORROW finally, for adrenal insufficiency. I was supposed to get them last week, but everything with the doctors is taking longer than expected. What scares me about your story is that my problems actually started with a supposed... (13 replies)
... Hey Lisa, I am reading your story and the thought that comes to mind is...has anyone worked you up for a pheochromocytoma or carcinoid? They can present with orthostatic hypotension (a sort of POTS, I think), chest pain, flushing, etc. Do a search and read about the symptoms and see if any of them fit. Your adrenals are doing funky things to you-it is just a question of... (13 replies)

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