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Jan 27, 2007
... I'm responding to the discussion about cortef and hydrocortisone for secondary AD. I take 0.1 mg.florineff every day for mineral corticoids and I take 7 mg. of prednisone every other day. My endo is trying to get the adrenal glands to come back by having no prednisone every other day. ... (14 replies)
Low cortisol
Jan 16, 2007
... :dizzy: WandaB... My blood pressure is usually terribly low...I have a huge appetite! I hate sweets, but I love fat and salt...lots of salt...What is the deal with the protein and how much should I have and is there a special diet I should know about? I have always taken a whole tablet of florinef and sometimes more in the summer....I quit on the prednisone, to take the... (12 replies)
... I believe taking prednisone would interfer with the ACTH stimulation test. ... (3 replies)

... dinner, put away groceries... then hit another wall at 7. I gutted it out until 8, then took my nightly dose of 1.75. Again, it took an hour and a half for the prednisone to kick in, but when it did I was rolling right along. ... (5 replies)
... alwaystired, The fillers are different in Hydrocortisone & Cortef. One is not better than the other. It is just a matter of which one you do better on. I do best on Hydrocortisone or Prednisone, but know of many who take Cortef & do fine. We are all very different. When I have to increase for a cold or broncitis I use Prednisone. Sometimes use total Prednisone for... (20 replies)
Looking for help
Sep 30, 2006
... I am on such a high dose because my body needs it. When I am sick I take up to 30mg of prednisone orally. In the hospital they give me 100mg of solumedrol through an IV. Talk about puffing up. ... (9 replies)
... e whether it was out temporarily or permanently asleep. and I have to admit, the pain and tightness in my muscles left me within a couple of days of starting the prednisone again. When I weaned back down to 5 mg according to his instruction, I started to feel the pain, weakness and tightness in my muscles again. ... (0 replies)
... ry weak and shaky, and began having waves of lightheadedness. Later I dicovered I get this feeling when my blood pressure plummets. I got on a weaning dose of prednisone over the next two weeks, then stopped taking it. ... (1 replies)
... I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 12 years ago..and finally went to a rheumatlologist several years ago, he gave me 5 mg. of prednisone a day. Supposedly to help with all of the pain. ... (9 replies)
... depressants at me. He is the doctor that put me on 20mg. of prednisone for two weeks at a time...several times...for several YEARS without telling me I needed to taper off. ... (26 replies)
... s, and it only gets better with prednisone. I usually tough it out as long as I can to see if it will go away on its own, but it never does. I don't want to take prednisone if I need more tests either. They did a bunch of bloodwork for Lupus and RA a few years back after I had been on prednisone for two weeks. ... (26 replies)
Need Advice
Apr 13, 2005
... Jellen, After 10.5 years on prednisone your adrenals are atrophied. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Christy, I have Primary Addison's so need a bigger dose of Cortef than you. In fact they started me on Prednisone last year upon diagnosis, and I have just recently switched to Cortef. I take 20 mg in the morning and 10 in the afternoon. ... (3 replies)
... of it in the hospital! 11 lbs gone, just like that! Now I am on beta blockers. The prednisone seemed like it was working becasue it was in the same class of medications used to treat POTS. I am just concerned that what they have me on now isn't working.. ... (85 replies)
... My concern, once again is...Could coming off the prednisone within a few days of the test make the tests come back normal? ... (1 replies)
... Does anyone know of a test to determine if the adrenals are calcified or whatever it is called when part or all of the adrenals are damaged beyond recovery? I am trying Dr. James Wilson's regime from his book Adrenal Fatigue. I am on 5 mg prednisone/day, 1 grain armour thyroid/day, and about 25 mg DHEA/day. 17 years ago, my doctor told me that I was one step above addison's... (1 replies)
... oh to add to my saga forgot to mention that my ACTH blood test was taken when I was on 5 mg of prednisone for joint pain! No wonder it was normal as this is nearly a full replacement doseage. She also said my pigmentation was only mild. ... (15 replies)
... and 2.5mg at 2pm. Luckily Prednisone never upsets my stomach...I found this out by taking 40mg at one time for severe asthma, and even that much never upset my stomach, so I doubt 5mg will. Anyway. ... (3 replies)
... Was on Prednisone for almost a month. ... (15 replies)
... Have been diagnosed with Adreanal insufficiency due to prednisone use for asthma. Primary dr wants me on prednisone and endro dr wants me off prednisone. Don't you need to be on medicine for this? ... (5 replies)

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