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... 01/08/09 I had an 8am fasting cortisol done and my numbers are: Cortisol: 14.1 ug/dL (range: 4.3-22.4 ug/dL) TSH: 2.21 uIU/ml (range: 0.23-3.07 uIU/ml) Free T4: 1.01 ng/dl (range: 0.58-1.64 ng/dl) Insulin: 15.5 uIU/ml (range: 1.9-23.0 uIU/ml) ( I was told I should be under 10) (8 replies)
... menopausal range which is 23. ... (0 replies)
... Cortisol morning 6.8 range 3. ... (1 replies)

... Just received my saliva test results for cotrisol/test/dhea-s and would like some insight. MALE Symptoms: Fatigue Low blood pressure Low libido Unrefreshing sleep Joint/Muscle aches (0 replies)
... Alright, Hormoneman, you asked for it! (and MG, watch it with the Thread Hijacking! ;)) It all started with Thyroid checks: Thyroid #1 (Late Jan): TSH - 1.26 (18.8% of range) FT4 - 1.15 (25% of range, +6% from TSH) FT3 - 367 (72% of range, +47% from FT4) Thyroid #2 (Early Feb): (31 replies)
... I'm still waiting on my visit back to my endocrinologist (Friday the 9th). I've been having issues for several years now bouncing back and forth between different doctors. I finally have a doctor to take me seriously. Typical Symptoms Nausea almost daily (mostly without vomiting) Lightheaded 1-2 times in a 48hr period, almost a vertigo like sensation, worse when... (3 replies)
... Cortisol 20.7 Ref Range 6. ... (0 replies)
... would love some input on my ACTH stim test. would i do ok with taking some Cortef and Florinef? I fasted food and liquids from 8pm the night before the test and fasted salt 24hrs before the test. the test was done during the 1st week of my cycle. 08/26/09 ACTH stim test (low dose 0.001mcg Cortrosyn via I.V) 8:40am-Baseline Cortisol = 13.7 ug/dL 08:52am - ACTH... (0 replies)
... Free triiodothyronine 4.5 RANGE 3. ... (0 replies)
... Was on 1 grain Armour. Did not take it the morning of the test. ... (1 replies)
... I have addisons disease and today, due to my recent tests I have started to increase my hydrocortisone from 20 mg in the am since I was about 16. Now 31 and started taking 20 mg in the am and 10 mg in the afternoon for about a week. After talking to her about severe stress I am under she has now instructed me to take 60 mg a day(3 times a day) for 3 days and then to call her... (3 replies)
Adrenal Fatigue
Dec 21, 2004
... Hi Chris: Thank you so much for replying to me, I really appreciate it. I haven't had an ACTH stim test done yet. I'm considering asking my doctor for one. I thought they were done only through an Endo but I noticed that you say Osteopaths do them as well. I've read "Adrenal Fatigue" and I did the Scorecard Matrix by Dr. Rind. Looking at symptoms, I weigh heavily... (2 replies)
... mL in a range of 7. ... (0 replies)
... normal range . ... (0 replies)
... Hello all, I just want to post my ACTH stim test results to see if you all think this could be possibly adrenal insufficiency. Here they are: A random cortisol test at 6 pm. -- 5.5 (range 3-22 AM) (range 1-16.7 PM) ACTH Stim test: 8 am. -- 16.6 (range 3.8-14.4) (2 replies)
... I also had saliva test from ZRT lab and my results are little better then yours but I have so much trouble tolerating smallest dose of Armour. Are you on thyroid meds and how much do you take? How well are you tolerating it? Have you ever had morning serum cortisol? These are my results in same order and same lab values as yours......3.2, 6.8, 1.7, 0.7, 0.6 I am... (8 replies)
... Hi, I just did my own saliva test that i ordered and it came back in low ranges. First off i am hypothroid and have low ferritin levels- both witch can make you exhuasted, but I knew something else was wrong because I havent been able to function at all, have missed tons of work and sleep all the time. After waiting 5 months for an ACTH test from my doctor who wont give one... (8 replies)
... Hi, I found this forum and I wanted to ask you what this lab result indicates. I went to the Dr 2 weeks ago for a physical and I have been EXTREMELY tired and weak for the last year. She ran TSH test then and it was normal 2.2 in a range of like 1-5. A few days later- I had a 2 hour period of being disoriented and drunken feeling and my BP was 88/58 and my temp was 96.9. I... (2 replies)
... Free T4 1.32 range 0. ... (10 replies)
... Hi. I am a 48-year-old woman experiencing fatigue and weight gain. Went to see a nutritionist and here are the results of my cortisol saliva test: Morning: 4.9 (3.7 - 9.5) Noon: 1.5 (1.2 - 3.0) Evening: .9 (0.6 - 1.9) Night: .2 (.4 - 1.0) DHEAS: 4.7 (2-23 - Age-dependent) Everything came back in the "normal" range, except for the cortisol reading at... (0 replies)

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