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... My symptoms and blood tests. Some of this is thyroid. ... (1 replies)
... Below are the test results that I have received so far. I have Hashi's disease and recently was told I have Adrenal Fatigue. I am interested to see what other think about the testing the doctor has done. I only included what was related to the Adrenals and not the thyroid testing. The thyroid seems to be under control. Right now I'm taking 10mg of Cortef in the am and 10... (1 replies)
... thank you for the link! I've learned some of this the hard way in the last few years, and wish I'd had such a good guide when this all started. ... (9 replies)

... get that panicy fight or flight feeling and my body does not calm down for hours, I crave salt and have a sodium level the lowest number considered in the normal range yet I eat salt like crazy. FOr 15 years I have had low blood pressure on and off and lately it has been low 3 times when checked by dr. ... (2 replies)
... I wanted to share my symptoms with you and see if anyone is suffering from the same type of symptoms and issues. ... (0 replies)
... Hi I finally got a copy of my daughter's salivary cortisol and DHEA results. Here they are, I am anxious to see what you think of them because I really don't know much on interepting this kind of test. ... (6 replies)
Thyroid adrenal?
Feb 24, 2006
... Anyway DHEA is an indication of your stress level, the way my doctor explained it to me was my body is fighting in the morning to make cotisol so my DHEA goes up because of the stress the adrenals are putting on your body. LOW Dhea can be a bad thing because your body isnt able to fight stress off. ... (20 replies)
... And which type of tests for Aldosterone and DHEA should I get done? ... (0 replies)
... mg of hydrocortisone is a tiny dose. Well below full replacement and very low for even a mild deficiency. ... (4 replies)
... As you can see the cortisol drops very rapidly although first and last in normal range. Not sure of correct range for 15 year old for DHEA but seems hers doesn't drop appropriately. ... (22 replies)
... I had all the same symptoms you have descibed. My friends suspected I had an adrenal problem and they referred me to the Clymer Healing Center. I read the book Chronic Fatigue Unmasked 2000 and took an Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) test. (Looks like you have taken the same test.) The specialists at the center helped me regenerate my adrenals with natural means. I currently work.... (6 replies)
... Afterward,the extreme thirst, bathroom trips, and headache remains, several hours, to a day or two. I feel completely wiped out, after one of these spells. ... (6 replies)
... early morning. Even assuming that the high is greater than my midnight level, it still probably would not fall within the range expected at early morning. ... (10 replies)
... I'm a 33 year old male with hashimoto's thyroiditis. I've had several blood tests for ACTH, Cortisol and a number of other things. ... (0 replies)
... e your doc is testing both adrenal antibodies as well as Thyroid antibodies. I couldn't find too much listed on the Adrenal antibodies, but here is a whole list of the Thyroid antibodies! Lots eh? ... (5 replies)
... el has been the dictating factor for those. I too was surprised that my cortisol level started out at 19 as other cortisol levels I've had were in the lower end of the "normal range". ... (1 replies)
... I do know i have systemic fungus to a low level though, as years ago when i tried difflucan, it improved all of my CFS symptoms within a few days to a significant degree. ... (20 replies)
... Currently, most laboratories in the U.S., the reference range for TSH tests is approximately 0.5 to 5.0. Depending on the lab, you may seem some variations, i.e., 0.4 to 5.5, or 0.6 to 5.7, etc., but generally, 0.5 to 5. ... (1 replies)
... Well, I went to the doctor with a whole list of requests. She basically told me not to worry! She said cortisol came back great so that rules out anything adrenal. ... (14 replies)
Adrenal Fatigue??
Jun 14, 2007
... hi every one im really rather scare d right now after just eating a huge bowl of cheese cake yikes lol i have been having low cortisone results for a while and it was 235 the range being 250 to 850 uk range anyway i had one done at noon or maybe it was 130 and it wa s 100 can you beleive that so im having some... (88 replies)

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