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... I have secondary adrenal insufficiency and can't get off prednisone. Who is your doc at UPenn? ... (21 replies)
... It's been a long long time since I've seen cortisol that low. Your ACTH is among the lowest i get to see. High indication of secondary adrenal insufficiency. Could you have had a head injury? ... (21 replies)
... I was diagnosed with secondary adrenal insufficiency 4.5 years ago after complaining of fatigue. The first endocrinologist tested me and prescribed 30 miligrams of cortef daily. The first two weeks I felt great. ... (21 replies)

... Hi thanks you in advance for you help. I have had chronic fatigue for 20 years. Last year I started having what appeared to be panic attacks. My Doctor ordered Adrenal testing for insufficiency. It was ruled out. I was refereed for psychological evaluation. I refused and was dropped as a patient. ... (1 replies)
... yes i have secondary adrenal insufficiency just diagnosed at UPENN. the doc told me to take cortef 20mg and then decided to go to 30mg because i weigh 250lbs. ... (21 replies)
... I was diagnosed about a month ago with Addison's and secondary adrenal insufficiency. Do any of you have both diseases? ... (0 replies)
... Can you have both Addison's disease AND secondary adrenal insufficiency? ... (2 replies)
... What you just said sounds like what my doctors have been telling me. I am seeing so many doctors, and now they think I have secondary adrenal insufficiency due to steroids along with dysautonomia. It has been almost two years and they have only lowered me to 20 mg. ... (21 replies)
... day, but now no one wants to mess with my meds or go lower because they think I may have dysautonomia with secondary adrenal insufficiency. ... (21 replies)
... I had similar blood tests but my message (see my posting from Mfleisch) indicate that is was worth the risk for me, if you are willing, to lower and eventually eliminate the steroids. The doctor at Mayo suggested that when and if if I started to get ill symtons from the pituitary malfunction to begin the steroids again. The only symptom I got was a temporary week or two of... (21 replies)
... i have secondary adrenal insufficiency due to sheehan syndrome after i delivered my son. ... (21 replies)
... Are there any cortisol tests that can be done to test for primary or secondary adrenal insufficiency when you are taking Prednisone? ... (0 replies)
... s disease, occurs when the adrenal glands are damaged and cannot produce enough of the hormone cortisol and often the hormone aldosterone. ... (4 replies)
... Have you seen an endocrinologist knowledgable about Addison's disease? If you have adrenal insufficiency (which you appear to have) you need to take something (e.g.cortef) to replace the cortisol you lack. (6 replies)
... post I did on here. I went to my endo on Wednesday and was really nervous for I was just scared he wasn't going to listen to me. Now I know I ended up with this secondary adrenal problem because I was put on prednisone in 08. Was DX'd in the end of 08 after my cardiologist did an ACHT stim test. ... (0 replies)
... een wearing a heart monitor for 21 days and my results show that my heart rate goes up and down. The highest being in the 140s. He thinks it is unrelated to my adrenal problem. I am very tired, depressed, and want to know what is going on with my body. ... (6 replies)
... The endo I recently went to see told me my ACTH Stim test was "normal". I am a bit confused after what I have read on the web about secondary adrenal problems, especially that the ACTH stim is not necessarily able to determine if one has a secondary condition. ... (4 replies)
... They were reducing it by 5 mg., but I would have an adrenal crisis every time they lowered it. I asked them to lower it more slowly, and that is there plan for the future. ... (21 replies)
... mg, wow you must not have any adrenal functions at all. Thanks for the sound advice. ... (16 replies)
... I was finally diagnosed with hypopituatory and secondary adrenal insufficiency in July 2012 after being ill for about three years. ... (3 replies)

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