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... I got depressed and went on medication. The actual depression only lasted a few months but I continued to stay on zoloft and wellbutrin for nearly 3 years. The spaciness continued to persist the whole time coming in cycles of every few weeks or so and lasting for different periods of time. ... (15 replies)
... This is MY opinion ONLY about one reason you might be suffering from the brain fog. My son is ill, and was thought (by myself) to had adrenal problems for the past two years. As it turned out, according to the Mayo doctors, he had POTS instead. To make a long story short, I wonder whether the poor circulation of blood (and therefore, OXYGEN) to the brain from lowered BP... (15 replies)
... Anyone with the spaciness problem should have the thyroid checked. Best to get a copy of the report. Docs tend to say everythings OK when if in the low end of the range maybe it isn't! ... (15 replies)

... Is spaciness when im sitting down, and when people start talking and stuff, it makes my mind jump, and everything sounds a tad bit louder and "jumps" my brain. ... (15 replies)
... I am newly diagnosed with adrenal dysfunction. One of my most annoying, if not THE most annoying problem is the spaciness and brain fog. I don't have clarity like normal people have. I feel like my perception of the world is altered in some way. ... (15 replies)
... The spaciness just means that the body is not getting enough cortisone, that's all. Whenever I experience that, I try to sleep. ... (15 replies)
Anxiety, anyone?
Aug 3, 2003
... Nate- It's taken about a year to get to this point (stress/anxiety is rare now; daily before) since I started pregnenolone/licorice/glandular etc last summer; I still have spaciness/brain fog every day, just to a greater or lesser degree but it's always there; I also recently learned that some discs in my neck are pressing on my spinal cord (cervical disc degeneration), and... (7 replies)
... spaciness is often experienced by anxiety sufferers, look up depersonalisation and derealisation on the net and see if this is what you have otherwise I wonder if spaciness is the same as lightheadedness (15 replies)
... Hi everyone, Before I was officially diagnosed I had terrible brain fog really bad affected my job I couldn't remember things I had done even the day before. I'm alot better now that I take the Prednisone however, I have hypoglycemia as well and if I don't eat when I'm supposed to or enough protein I feel very spacey as well. MY Endo told me that hypoglycemia was pretty... (15 replies)
... I feel brainfog the worse when my blood sugars are low. I have been able to combat this by ensuring that I eat very regularly and have an afternoon snack of about 15g of carbohydrate - this will bring my blood glucose level up without making it rebound. It seems to work for me. (15 replies)
... In spring 2001 I came down with what I thought at the time was a flu, but it never went away. I was fatigued, achy, and spaced out, and have been to some degree or another since then. By summer of 2001 I was no longer able to work and went on short term disability. I felt better that winter and went back to work, though it was hard going. In spring 2002 I got worse again... (9 replies)
Anxiety, anyone?
Aug 3, 2003
... about two weeks and I am still exhausted and have high anxiety. I've noticed my anxiety levels are affected by how tired or fatigued I am. Did you suffer from spaciness and brain fog when you were dealing with the anxiety? ... (7 replies)
... spaciness and brain fog. is there ANYthing that can be done for this? (15 replies)

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