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... was nearly sick yet i could only just taste it!! As i said before he recons that this test exclused diabetes insipidus, well do you think it could be related to addisons ive heard of aldosterone could this be a causeor what? ... (4 replies)
... I've had addisons since i was 8, now 19, and the last year or so Ive had high blood pressure. ... (0 replies)
... in addisons disease did you have frequent urination? ... (4 replies)

... My son has addisons disease and other autoimmune diseases which he takes prednisone, fludrocortisone, synthyroid, oscal, rocaltrol for. ... (17 replies)
... Hi ive had suspisions that i may be developing addisons but seams like as many others are i am struggling to get a doctor to take me seriously! ... (4 replies)
... Anyone with Addison's like your son should be taking DHEA as well because once the adrenals are shut down by taking replacement cortisol this important hormone is also cut off. DHEA is related to immune function, lung function, exercise capacity and sexuality. DHEA is always high in young people so his levels should have been quite high. Make sure you get a brand of DHEA... (17 replies)
... HI Wanda, My son is 23 yrs old , is 6' 2" and has gained weight in the last 6 months, since he has been home from college. He now weighs between 180 to 200 lbs. He has always been tall and thin, and is always hungry. His endo believes prednisone is the best medication for addisons, and also has told me his dosage is correct for someone who doesn't produce any cortisol.... (17 replies)
... ppreciate a discription of what you are dealing with. Specifically, how often you have to take DDVAP, what form you take of that medication, how controlled your urination frequency is, if you find the drug slowly wears off or has a sudden drop off....every day things like that. Thanks. ... (17 replies)
... Hi all, Last august I was diagnosed hypothyroid-tsh 200. They tried starting me on sythroid four times, each time resulting in extreme salt cravings, headaches, muscle pains, profuse urination, and eventual delerium, and eventually I had a day where I started having extreme pressure in my chest and I lost all circulation in my arms and legs. I could turnr the symptoms on... (1 replies)
... I see that excessive urination is a symptom fo adrenal insufficiency.. any more info on that? ... (37 replies)
... Everytime we have had electrolytes done they have been fine, (salt one or two points below but pretty normal everything). I do have diabetes insipidus so that is why I take the desmopressin.. but oddly enough I think the cortef and DI are related.. as when I bumped up my cortef awhile back I went from 6 sprays a day(which is extreme for DI) to 3. As if the cortef helped cure... (37 replies)
... Your frequent urination could be adrenal related. ... (37 replies)
... te for answers. I was a very fit and active person working out 6 days a week and now I have no energy and every muscle in my body hurts. Anybody suffer secondary addisons that could help? ... (0 replies)
Stim test-no go!!
Apr 21, 2008
... Thank you all for replying. Well firstly i have just been to see the endo today for the results of the cortisol result- suprise it was normal according to him (result 20.5 after over an hour of stabbing me with needles) therefore there is no need to try a stim tests again, or do atch or any other hormones. With regard to being unable to cannulate me they were using peadiatric... (11 replies)
... OMG...your story is my story! I suddenly one day started peeing loads, and had the same test (twice). One time, my urine concentrated to a low end concentration after 8 hours without fluids, and the second time, it still didn't concentrate after 23 hours and I couldn't stand the thirst anymore so I ended the test. But both doctors just keep telling me I drink too much! ... (4 replies)
... After pituitary surgery, I almost had this and so they restricted my fluids to test for this. I have only heard of fluid restriction as well as testing of the urine (not drinking - wow that is unusual!) for DI. Not drinking helps with the diagnosis as even when you are not drinking, your body is stilly dumping fluids which shows that the vasopressin is not functioning as it... (4 replies)
... Funny, I thought low urine concentration WAS diabetes insipidus. I have had diabetes insipidus after surgery and the only test they did was to monitor my urine specific gravity; there was no restriction on drinking. In fact they wanted me to drink to see how concentrated my urine was. When my urine was basically almost pure water, they gave me a shot of DDAVP and my... (4 replies)
... dont know the units, but im feeling much worse now than i was then yet the endo just took one look at it and said its fine, rules out addisons etc! ... (5 replies)
... Have you searched for reasons for burning urination other than infection? ... (3 replies)
... Thanks, Orion, for the info. We will do our research and talk to his endo. Take care, Vicki (17 replies)

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