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... To determine if the patient's adrenal glands can respond to the ACTH message from the pituitary to increase cortisol production in the adrenal cortex. ... (8 replies)
... maybe an enzyme deficiency that is blocking Cortisol synthesis? ... (31 replies)
... and it looks like for people with healthy adrenals their cortisol goes up even until the 90 min draw. ... (5 replies)

... When low cortisol gets serious you find blood sugar abnormalities including dangerously low blood sugar, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. ... (2 replies)
... You should not and do not have to wait to feel better. Everything you've described sound's like textbook adrenal exhaustion and you could feel so much better on the right regimen without tons more testing. ... (3 replies)
... I'm not taking any supplements or medications at all, so what you see in the numbers is all me. ... (31 replies)
... My pharmacist said im on my way to adrenal exhaustion...Does it look like it? ... (1 replies)
... My cortisol is lower.. and with regards to the ACTH it means as you say.. your pituitary is telling it to make more.. but the adrenals just can not put out. ... (31 replies)
... with serum acth greater than 43. I've never seen a primary who doubled or more on the stim. I look for upper 40's to low 50's for a good acth. Your DHEA suggests primary. I recommend you read what wrote about interpreting the acth stim and acth serum tests. ... (31 replies)
... impaired dirunal cortisol rythm and low end ACTH. I also have low female and male hormones, again not below range, but right on the cusp of bottom range. ... (31 replies)
... If the statements is true, I could see things happening like this... ... (31 replies)
... poglycemia and it is my diet. He has taken a single random cortisol test which came back normal 582nmol im worried thathe is going to didmiss anything to do with cortisol now even though ive heard that when your stress abouthaving the test it can cause it to increase falsely! ... (4 replies)
... etter with Armour thyroid. As I was working through the issues with my thyroid meds, I wondered if I might have adrenal problems, too. I took a saliva test for cortisol and DHEA in August, 2004. Here's the results. ... (3 replies)
... We also have to take into account what is normal for the average normal male used in the N A C B limit studies.. may not be normal for us. ... (31 replies)
... but I look at each step in the cascade like the old "flow rate" problems they used to make us do in school. ... (31 replies)
... What does follicular and luteal mean? ... (5 replies)
... You are definitely adrenal insufficient. I do not know if you can clearly state primary or secondary from this.. but it does require medication. ... (31 replies)
... no drive, and whenever a stressful situation comes along I either have to distance myself from it or get nasty panic attacks. I have little to no control over what happens to me, my body, my wife's body, or our kids. ... (31 replies)
... Well, GP was of no use. He didn't really know how else to help me. He suggested 325mg Iron Sulfate for the low Ferritin, and said just to wait to hear what the Endo says. ... (31 replies)
... D I like it. Just my style. If I have to go out.. why not with a big bang. Wallowing on the couch is such a sad end. Humm.. ... (31 replies)

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