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Last night I vacuumed my house and about 10 minutes after i finished i was about to cry! I hadn't been able to vacuum for about a week (usually do every 2 days) and right after my lungs felt as though i was in the midst of one of the worst chest colds i've ever had! I feel like i need to steam my lungs, i can't get a full cough and when i do get any cough it hurts SO much. I also developed an extremely sore throat. I slept for maybe 2 hours because my lungs are so tight and swallowing is agony. I thought this was strange because i do not feel like i am getting a cold at all, and it was almost instant. Normally I would assume i was getting a cold but then i did some research and was thinking about my history the last few weeks. Every once in a while for a couple of days a week, i get this (chest not as bad) but my nose runs like a sink and have all the other symptoms i described above, i usually end up in bed for a bit thinking it's a cold that's just not kicking in NEVER does! I'm thinking allergies?? I do have carpet and pets, although i don't seem to be having issues with pets one on one, i find this is right after i clean, hence maybe an allergy to dust/dustmites? i have a clean home but as of late haven't been able to keep it up as i'd like. I just find it odd that other common symptoms of allergies like this usually are accompanied by red itchy eyes and such, and i don't get any of that?? Usually just a VERY sore throat and now this tight lung pressure?? It is in the list of common symptoms, but i'd think i'd get red eyes before i'd feel as though my lungs are ready to explode:( I have a good canister vac., could i have possibly emptied it and breathed in more dust and such as usual without realizing? and why after 43 years am i suddenly developing an allergy like this? I thought it was just me feeling like i have a mild cold here and there but now that i think about it, and after last night, i'm leaning towards an allergy. Right now, i have NO idea how to get any relief from my raw throat and harsh lungs:/ it reminds me of when you accidentally inhale toxic cleaners and your lungs hurt after, but i didn't do that and this seems SO extreme from just vacuuming my floors.

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