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I am a 38 year old male. I have never really suffered from allergies unless the Polan was real high. But about 3 months ago I changed the hours that I work. For years I worked nights. I now work days. I get up at 4AM. Ever since it seems that I wake up and my chest is tight with a dry cough,I am wheezy, I can't cough anything up. My ears pop, and nose seems full but doesn't run, it feels like I have fluid in bottom of throat most of the day just setting there like it wants to come up. It's real bad until about 1pm them seems to clear a little bit not all the way. I also developed a swollen lymph node (I assume it's a node) on the left side of throat just under Jaw line. It's been swollen about the same amount of time. It throbs from time to time but not all the time. Most of the time it don't hurt. I noticed my neck is stiff and I just feel like crap. I went to Doc about the Swollem node and he gave me antibiotics but didn't help at all. He don't seem worried. But he is sending me to an ENT in a few weeks. I just started taking Allegra and Musinex yesterday per advice from pharmacist. My question is do you all think that allergies is what is causing my swollen node? And is it possible to have a bad sinus infection and not really know it? I've tried to get in with ENT sooner but gotta wait three weeks. Advice?

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