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Yayagirl, Thank you so much for the reply. I am not sure if it is my sinuses though. The ENT doc said my sinuses looked clear. It is just my nasal passages are swollen( my turbinates and passages). I agree, it may be a combination of things that set it off. I also have some other chronic health issues I Have been dealing with over the last 12 years. I have a disease called Interstitial Cystitis which a debilitating bladder disease. The symptoms are burning/pain in the bladder and inflammation in the bladder as well as urinary frequency. They really do not know what causes it.

I almost feel like I have the same thing in my nose! It feels burny and irritated and of course the worst symptom is it gets so stuffy I cannot breathe comfortably out of it. What worries me is nothing I am doing is helping. I have tried the neti- pot with the saline, salt, baking soda rinse. I felt it irritated me further so I did not do it again. I also tried the steroid nasal spray( been on it for almost 2 weeks with no real help which I am not surprised as oral steroids did not even help much. I was on 4 mg of medrol dose pack which is a lower dose but I did not feel much relief from those even. Allergist wants me to try singulair. I am unsure as it has some side effects that can occur. They say one of the side effects is stuffy nose!! I mean it is not super common but that is the last thing I would need. I am sensitive to medications so that worries me. Also, I have never heard of it helping swollen nasal passages, I thought it was mainly for asthma or allergies. Allergist says she does not think this is an actual allergy, more of irritation or non-allergic.vasomotor type rhinitis. I just took 60 mg of pseudophedrine I am so miserable. That helps some at least but I don't like taking it too much.

I guess my biggest concern is that usually people get better or relief from taking medications like the nasal steroids and such but I am not responding. I have read online that if the nasal turbinates stay swollen for any length of time it can become permanent where surgery is the only option left and that has it's own risks. I feel like my body is swelling up the veins in my nasal passages and it wont turn off. This is frustrating. Thanks for listening, I am just miserable with this and need to feel better so I can concentrate on finding a new place since we are selling our place.

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