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Hi...sorry for the late reply.

From my understanding of's an autoimmune related disease once it kicks in possibly from an initial bladder infection.

You mention a GI that for your IBS?

I have read that d-mannose is a help for bladder infections, and for IC, that might be something to consider if you think it can help. I agree with constant antibiotics...not good for the gastro tract unless really good and varied probiotics are being used to help keep the gastro floral balance intact.

My sinuses and nasal passages have always been a problem to a degree. I do have a deviated septum...and one ENT thought surgery would be a good thing. I declined that offer. I can't imagine having it done and the distress I mentally would have to accommodate that.
The same ENT told me to not blow my nose...imagine! He told me to snork instead....sheesh.

I do have "ulcerations" and dry areas and bleeding in my nasal passage. It's at the top fold inside at the lowermost section of the nasal passage. I also have an area that constantly peels. After the staph positive swab and using the's improved. I haven't had much runny nose or post nasal stuff until two days ago after being outside in the rain and recent weather/season change. I did take allegra, and now I have a constant feeling of stuffiness that is annoying. This part could be related to fall pollen counts.

When I get obvious sinus infections that I can't stave off myself, I do call the doctor and ask for a z-pack. It helps.
I do use the NeilMed squeeze bottle sinus rinse daily, sometimes twice daily with infection. Given that things are starting to be bothersome now...I might try it for a few days.

If your nasal issues and IC issues are connected...autoimmune would be the reason. But, with autoimmune....if something is bothering it, then the "it" has to be dealt with. I think the swab test is the first way to go.

Oh, forgot to mention that the allergist/asthma specialist I saw many years ago did put me on Septra for nasal polyps I have. I'm sure I still have them....never had them biopsied, but I will assume they are an inflammation related thing.
Do you have nasal polyps as well?

I have no issues with my bladder at this time. When this started was in 1993 when I had a tubal ligation done. I had a year of hell symptoms that seemed to start with my first bladder infection from the catheter during the well as a vaginal yeast infection that was up and down for a few months. I was told that there was a device inserted into the vagina to hold the uterus during the procedure. So, healing from the surgery and the infections was depressing to say the least. I also found out that I had endometriosis, but the doc didn't mention it until I saw him 6 weeks later. He was rude and judgemental, to say the least. And I saw another gyne soon afterward who referred me to a urologist.

The urologist did constant testing on the cloudy urine...sometimes I had infection, other times not. Because I have UC, he mentioned an autoimmune connection. I was set up for a bladder scope, and there was no obvious inflammation he ruled out IC. Interestingly, after that bladder scope....I never had any problems afterward. I'm assuming that the flushing out of whatever was the irritant helped?

I also had a total hysterectomy the following year because of fibroids and the endo.


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