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In the recent three months, I've been prescribed Augmentin (for general yet unknown UR infection) and then amoxicillin 500mg/2x day (root canal on bottom tooth #29).

In the last few weeks, I've had a lingering pain in right maxillary quad of my mouth, which I thought was from some recent fillings in that area. However, it's been concluded that it's more sinus related. I went to my family doctor today and he just said it's bad ragweed season here in south Texas and to give it time (possibly till Thanksgiving) before it gets better. He didn't think it was a sinus infection despite the symptoms (pressure in my head, around my eyes, pressure on right quad maxillary molars that feels like toothaches, intermittent clear excess mucus from nasal passages, headaches) and he didn't prescribe an antibiotic at first. He then prescribed Bactrim DS, but he's unsure if it's a sinus infection or just bad seasonal allergies.

The funny thing is, now the opposite molars kind of have that same pain (albeit less severe). It almost switches back and forth. Or I'm going nuts and imagining things.

I had been using a sinus rinse (NeilMed) for the last week, but now my right ear canal has become a little swollen. My doc asked if I had a lot of ear infections growing up, and no, not that I know of. Maybe it was from the nose blowing after rinsing - I did experience a little "pop" after most of the rinses. Yet I don't seem to have the common ear infection symptoms (vertigo, loss of balance, drainage from ear, impaired hearing). I think I want to cut back on the sinus rinsing as it feels like it's overdrying.

[B]I guess my question is: should I take the Bactrim DS?[/B]

The side effects don't sound that great (are they ever?). Also scared if I have an allergic reaction to it - I've used sulfur soap before on my face with no harmful effects, but topical sulfur cream for acne made my skin a bit irritated. And it doesn't seem like Bactrim DS is commonly prescribed for sinusitis - more like ear infections. I guess it's more of a "if there's an infection, this general antibiotic might resolve it" situation. Not looking into a glorified placebo effect in case the sinus/ear stuff heals on its own, and then I get short-term side effects on top of more antibiotic resistant bugs down the road.

I just got the prescription today and am still debating using it. It's 2x a day so I plan on taking it at midnight and noon, if I decide to start.

Oh, when I asked him today during my 2-minute session with him in his practice if the antibiotics would help, he basically shrugged and said "It's all just a guessing game!" So I'm weary.

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