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I have lived in Ohio my whole life. Yes, sometimes allergies are bad, but the last couple years have been unbearable. I was tested last year and I was severely allergic to everything but dogs and cats. Among my worse( and by worse I mean more severely allergic) are weeds and molds. I have been on immunotherapy for 9 months with no help yet. I take nasacort, Zytec/Claritan and azestaline. None seem to be helping at all.

My doctor gave me a kenalog 80 steriod shot about 2 to 3 weeks ago. I felt better for a day or two but now i feel it has no effect. I have chronic sinusitis and have had a balloon sinusplasty to help with sinus drainage. My last CT shows my sinuses are clear but i am completely unable to breathe thru my nose.

Right now the end of summer allergies are really hitting me hard. Combination of ragweed and mold from the high humidity. Sometimes September brings me slight relief when the mold counts decrease for a short time, but the ragweed will still get me a while.

My issue is I cant go outside with my nose completely plugging, getting lightheaded and dizzy and trouble breathing. Thankfully I don't have asthma.

Ive heard of some new advanced treatment and I've decided to visit other allergist to get other opinions. I'm maxed out on steroid therapy right now but am looking for recommendations on ways to beat the allergies.

I've recently cut out sugar/carbs knowing they cause a lot of inflammation and I have been taking supplements for such as fish oil, quertecin, bromaline.

I've heard of people who do immunotherapy with high steriod doses with allergen injections within 2 or 3 days and find relief.

Any input from from people in my same boat would be greatly appreciated.

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