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dear all-

welp, here it is. i dont know when this began, cause i cant remember back far enough to tell the causes, but here they are:

1) stuffy head, particular pressure underneath the eyes, and around my cheeks. it doesnt hurt too bad, but its definitely noticeable!

2) nose is completely stuffy on one side, and switches from side to side about 4 times a day. (normally, i can feel it shift in my head, kind of like im on a rocking boat)

3) in the morning, i wake up with a dry mouth, and little tinge in the back of my throat... i usually clear my throat alot (but no coughing, or fever at all)

4) as the day progresses, and especially after i eat (ill go more into that in a bit), i notice the back of my tongue and my throat get super dry and irritated. not hurting, but just irritated. no matter how much water i drink, it still is dry and produces a hard time swallowing. as far as i can tell there isnt any puss/marks on the back of my throat, just a little red and sore.

5) when i eat, i notice that i can feel the pressure in my head change with each full swallow, kind of odd! (also, certain things ive learned to stay away from, such as apples and walnuts which make my mouth itch and feel like its swelling)

whew. i think thats about it. so my doctor put me on claritin/flonase, which didnt seem to do the trick at all (flonase just made my nose a little bloody tinge and didnt do anything). affrin and tylenol sinus drain me out (i can usually feel it going out) but it doesnt go all the way... i can still feel a little bit of pressure.

the whole point of this is to ask how i can try to alleviate these symptoms for a longer period of time... i cant keep downing pills, and acting weird (people ask whats wrong with me) and im generally lethargic when all these symptoms are there.

any help with this would be greatly appreciated, it is really dampering my life!


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