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About 5 years ago I woke up with a swollen eye. I thought it must had been a bug bite. Over the next 6 months, Every week or so it would be a new body part, hands, feet, mouth, lips. Being told I was alergic to seafood, I had to quit my job. The swelling still continued, as did the trips to the doctors. Then I started getting hives all over my body. I had all possible allergy test done. Stoped eating green beans, cheese, corn and I am allergic to horses as well. Still no cure. After being sent to 6 different doctors, 28 times, I was ready to give up. Then one doctor told me I had cronic urticaria, its non curable. I cant help but think its not, I now have very dry skin, more acne then I ever had,(im 27), I get heartburn quite regularly, I hav developed small cysts behind my ears that just keep multiplying, parts of my body will start twitching uncontrolably(eyes, fingers, muscles) and now I noticed a yellowish scum on the back of my tongue. I went to the doctor yesterday, She said the cysts are common, and the scum on my tongue is probably just coffee. So here I am. This morning I woke up with hand sized welts all over my body, my face neck and stomach is covered with hives. Is there anyone with these conditions? How do you handle it? Please help.


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