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I have ben reading this list with great interest for the past week and a half.

Around about the end of January, I got a doozy of a head cold. My whole head felt under pressure, I was light headed and had occasional dizzy spells.

After the cold subsided I was left with ringing ears, some sinus pressure (but could breath just fine) and brain fog. I went to see the NP and she said I had some fluid in my ears, although not alot, and felt that I probably had a sinus infection too. She put me on an antibiotic, Flonase and an expectorant for two weeks.

It didn't do any good. This time I went back and saw the doctor. He said that there was no fluid in my ears that he could see and when he looked in my nose he said that the tissue was swollen and pale. He said because it was pale and not red he felt it was allergies and not a sinus infection. So he put me on Allegra and Flonase for a week to see how it worked. It didn't.

In the mean time I also got another cold with sore throat and coughing on top of it all. I'd be really suspicious of the second cold but my kids got it too so I figure that it was just something that was going around. I am starting to come down off the cold now but I am just as foggy as ever, still have the ringing and sinus pressure.

I read about the great success that some of you are having with the C-Trimeton so I decided to give that a try. My drug store had it in 4, 8 and 12 hour. But the 12 hour they had was the D. When I looked on the back it said it was 8 mg (?), even though the front said it was 12 hours. I decided to get the plain 8 hour, which is also 8 mg. I have been taking it now twice a day for 3 days but haven't seen any difference.

Am I wasting my time on the 8 mg?
How long should I give it to work if it's going to?

I thought about going out and buying another 4mg to add to what I have? But since I am having the confusion with the 12 hour, 12 mg thing, I was afraid of over doing.

To you guys who are taking the it 12 hour but only 8 mg? Or what?

Meanwhile, my doctor is due to call me this afternoon. He has talked about doing a catscan and sending me to the ENT. But if it's allergies, I don't want to bother with all that. It just seems that he gave up on the allergy idea pretty quickly by only trying me on the Allegra and getting no results.

What do you think?

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