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Apr 20, 2002
Hey there..
I was reading your original post here and am amazed that I pretty much have all your symptoms and the pupil thing. The pupil thing scares me the most. @ years ago I had surgery on my sinus for a cyst that was found through MRI/CT scan. Luckily I didnt have a brain tumor like I thought but I did have that cyst. Since the surgery which also included a double septum operation I have had only slight releif from the headache which bothers me. I am constantly stuffed up one side or the other and have little drainage. I also get the pupil which is bigger than the other. My doctor didnt seem overly concerned about this but I am since I knew that I never had it before. I am wondering how you made out at the doctor? what did they say about that. Its to the point that I dont want to look at anyone for fear that they will notice the pupil thing and remark and make me more scared. Does anyone think that this could be related to vision. I had perfect vision last April when I went to the eye doctor so I am ready to throw in the towel. I am on Midrin when the headaches are too bad to tolerate, although I don't take it often, but I do take Clariton or Imitrex for allergies, which by the way I am allergic to pretty much all airborn things. Any help would be appreciated. Grillo let me know how you made out.

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