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Awhile back, I concluded that I have the worst nose ever created! From reading these postings I'm not so sure now!

I too am a nasal spray junkie. I've had nasal problems since I was born and have never been able to keep my nasal passages open. I've been tested for allergies, tried every drug known to man, and have had surgery three times. I get sinus infections like it's my job and would really like to find some relief!

After my third surgery my doctor told me never to use nasal spray again. I was true to that for about 6 months. Now, I'm clogged beyond belief and searching for some way to get off the stuff. I've been rinsing my sinuses with saline like a mad man with no success. I'm hopefully going to get an allergy skin test soon to find out if I am allergic to something I am unaware of.

Okay, to the advice part - if you're like me and live in Ohio, MOVE OUT WEST. I moved from Cincinnati, OH to Los Angeles, CA which was the best thing EVER for my nose. I lived there for about a year and a half with no problems. I went back to Cincy to visit last Thanksgiving (11/04) and went back to LA with a nose full of congestion. I used nasal spray from the time I got back to LA until I decided to move back to Cincy (12/04) over Xmas time. It was so bad that I had my third surgery (12/04) which entailed sticking a laser up my nose and burning away the inflamed tissue: the procedure sucked big time but I was able to breathe freely up until about a month ago.

So, my advice is to perhaps consider the third procedure I had - turbinate reduction via laser. It's not the most pleasant procedure to have done (they keep you awake) but I've had it done twice now so I'm a pro I guess. If you decide to do it that should clear you up so you can stay off the nose spray. Also, if you haven't been tested for allergies, GET TESTED. I had a blood test years ago that said I was allergic to leaves, grass, nature, etc. I have never had the skin test which I am going to do hopefully this week. I hope that is the key to unraveling the mystery that is my nose.

I also recommend getting a prescription for oral steroids. Steroids, combined with an antibiotic, have worked for me in the past. If you don't have an infection then the use of the steroids or a steroid nose spray alone may do the trick. Right now, I'm on day 1 of no nose spray and have been rinsing my sinuses with saline every hour or so. Sleep is out of the question but at least I am off work tomorrow.

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