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First of all, don't call your mom an alien b/c that's not a nice thing to say. :nono: Secondly, I think I suffer from the same problem as your mom. Whenever I have an allergy attack, I get these huge rashes or hives all over my body! I even get hives the size of dinner plates on my chest! :eek: The worst hives that occur are on my eyelids, lips, nose, and groin area. I was treated for it a long long time ago and the doctor didn't exactly know what it was. They gave me a list of allergens so I was allergic to basically everything. From dog hair to beef! They also put me on medication which I took daily. Over the years, it has gone away but not totally. I still get rahes here and there but not so bad, tolerable actually. The last bad rash attack was after I had some fried calamari about a month ago. My face was completely swollen, red, and aching! Looked like I was just in a brawl and got the snot kicked out of me!! I took some zyrtec and it fortunately went away by the next day. A friend of mine has the same problem and takes medication daily for it. The doctor told him it was due to an uncontrollable release of hystamines. He takes zoloft or zyrtec to control it. Your mom might want to look into if she isn't taking any medication. To date, there is no known cure for this. I wish there was...

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