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Hi Jay: To answer your questions:

>>>Sounds drastic - lasering a hole through your ear drum to drain excess fluid. Once perforated, the tympanum rarely heals.<<<

I'm certainly none too eager for anything like this. It sounds safer/easier/less expensive than the tubes in the ears procedure. They say the ear drum does heal in about 4 weeks with the laser, but I don't know. I'm hoping there are other solutions.

>>>A few questions: Is your eustachian tube swollen or inflamed? If yes, then this should be resolved before any surgery is attempted because an inflamed eustachian would be unable to drain even a normal volume of fluid.<<<

Yes, my eustachian tube is swollen/inflamed.

>>>Have you been tested for sinusitis? This would be a secondary, opportunistic bacterial infection that sometimes occurs after a particularly bad/long viral infection. Sinusitis often takes several weeks of antibiotic treatment; but if left untreated, sinusitis can become chronic and worsen your migraines due to increased/ unremitting pressure.<<<

I've seen three doctors and the last two dismissed a bacterial infection and the third doctor said she didn't even see that I still had a viral infection. The first doctor gave me Keflex (I suggested it thinking I had a bacterial infection) and my ears began to fill up while taking Keflex and some of my previous symptoms which had disappeared reappeared on Keflex. The third doctor thought I might have some inflammation in my sinus so she "covered that" by giving me Nasonex. My sinus area has been very dry for months now and I don't have any sinus pain.

>>>Sometimes applying heat to the area helps improve drainage. There are two reasons this works: 1) the heat helps dilate [expand] the eustachian tube to facillitate drainage; and, 2) heat makes the trapped fluid more watery. A blow dryer at low/moderate heat works quite well for this, just be careful to direct the heated air flow away from the ear drum. You'd have to do this several times during the day and keep your head/ears warm until your eustachian tubes have drained completely. This can take a few days.<<<

Would a heating pad placed over my ears achieve the same result?

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